Eyyyyy packaging is tonight y'all!

Happy indigenous peoples day y'all there won't be packaging tonight!


Packaging tonight! 7PM. Thw orphanage. You know the drill.

Yall: come meet for packaging tonight. Same time & place. Bring a beverage if you so desire.

There will not be any packaging tonight at the Orphanage.

Quick reminder that we're meeting tonight at 7. See you there!

we will still be meeting tonight at 7pm. however, the door will be locked. please call lauren or email to be let in.

Six maximum security inmates at Tucker Unit take keys from officers during recreation call, three correctional officers inside the area.

ALL HANDS ON DECK FOR BOOKS TO PRISONERS TONIGHT IF YOU CAN PLEASE PLEASE. Last week one of our volunteers had all of the completed packages stolen out of her car. Thankfully we saved all the answered letters, but now they need to be repackaged so we're a bit behind. Please be there if you can.

Email if you're interested & we csn work out the details from there.

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Happy International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners!

We love thank you letters! It's a rewarding reminder that the books we send are appreciated.

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First, thank you so much to SERVING BOLDLY for assisting us with packaging. Because of their hard work we are now caught up to request letters from April of this year (those who have volunteered with us will remember recently we had requests waiting from 2014).
Secondly, we will be meeting tonight. Hope to see ya.

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Bob has been an integral part of Midwest Books to Prisoners for the last 5 years. He's donated an incredible amount of money & time to help the project grow. If you can spare some money please throw it his way.

You know Bob.  He's the guy who will do anything for anyone.  Need a ride?  Home from jail?  Need some books?  To read while your in prison?  Bob's got you.   Bob will teach your kid how to play piano, and help them with their math homework.  Bob will show up to a protest, jam session, memorial....

"One out of one hundred adults have been in the prison system. We are not truely organizing in the U.S. unless we organize with prisoners." - The Ex Worker

Packaging at the orphanage tonight!