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churchorb[1]02Psychic Investigations which includes psychic art, paranormal photographs of spirit, orbs and spirit orbs and finally paranormal videos and paranormal video clips. Free to those who seek, God bless Jane.  Web site updated 2014

orb12[1]Psychic Investigations 1 at Llantwit Major which includes paranormal videos and recognised psychic art portrait. Paranormal videos attached and spirit orbs.

picture2[1]05This Psychic Investigation (1) was part of a competition with ‘Fate and Fortune’ Take-a-Break Magazine and published in their magazine in two parts.

Psychic Investigations at The White Lion, Llantwit Major which includes paranormal videos - see a paranormal video clip of a dimension opening up -click on camera to run the paranormal video.

Paranormal Videos released on the above Psychic Investigation on Youtube. Click on the following link:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2ZWv1ZD6d0

orb14[1]Psychic Investigations (2) - Negative energy centre dowsed on Ordnance Survey map turned out to be in a field next to a church which was in the middle of being renovated into a home. Left is a dimensional orb taken by this church on this psychic investigation into Beighton, Sheffield.

picture2[1]06This Psychic Investigation (2) was requested by Take-a-Break and published as one of the stories in their ‘Fate and Fortune’ magazine.

Penhow[1]Psychic Investigations 3 - Orb to the left was taken in the courtyard in Penhow Castle - notice the bowls on the shelves on the left hand side of the orb. Read what it was like to stay in haunted Penhow Castle. More orbs & paranormal photos. This Psychic Investigation was undertaken with BBC 1, BBC Wales and BBC 2.

orb4Psychic Investigations 4 (a) Is this the spirit of an airman? This orb was taken in haunted airfield, Essex More spirit orbs

picture2[1]07This Psychic Investigation 4 (a) was published in ‘Fate and Fortune’, Take-a-Break Magazine.

ballroomorb[1]02Psychic Investigations 4(b) This second investigation in number 4 is Craig-Yr-Nos Castle, Swansea Valley - can you see the face in the orb?

churchorb[1]03Psychic Investigations 5 (a)Can you see the gentleman inside the orb to the left? Paranormal photograph taken in Rhymney, Tredegar. More spirit orbs and psychic art attached.

Psychic Investigations 5 (b) The Captain’s wife Public House. This psychic investigation was reported in the South Wales Echo and The Penarth Times on the 26 August 2003. Also published in the Psychic Voice.

orb11[1]Psychic Investigations 6 Ely, Cardiff Psychic Investigation - paranormal orb photograph to the left which was taken at St. Fagans Church. More orbs and spirit orbs photographed at this psychic investigations.

monk7[1]Psychic Investigations 7 Policemen run down a ghost. Story published in ‘Fate & Fortune’ Magazine. See amazing full story which includes orbs & paranormal photographs and a  Wonderful conclusion.

picture2[1]09This Psychic Investigation (7) was requested by Take-a-Break and published as one of the stories in their ‘Fate and Fortune’ magazine.

littlegirl2[1]Psychic Investigations 8 Psychic Investigation into Bassaleg, Nr Newport, Gwent. Spirit of a young girl helps Louise (aged 8) by looking after her like a ‘Guardian Angel’ making sure that nothing happens to her in her young life. Read her story and why she appeared to Louise. (Psychic art left)

picture2[1]10This Psychic Investigation (8) was published in ‘Fate and Fortune’, Take-a-Break Magazine.


girl1[1]03Psychic Investigations 9 - Tragic story of a young girl’s murder as she returns from her first night out from a church dance in Croydon in the 1960s. To the left is psychic art portrait of the young girl - if you recognise her please contact:- welshmedium@btinternet.com The Psychic Investigators have decades of experience to read about their profiles go to web page ‘About Us.’ Not all the psychic investigators come out with Chris and Jane every time. The psychic investigators have their own special field and talent.

child3[1]Psychic Investigations 10 undertaken July 2007 at the Kooler’s Nightclub, Kirkhouse Memorial building, Merthyr Tydfil. Left is a psychic art portrait of a little urchin who died in a fire in the 1830s. There are 4 paranormal videos with this psychic investigation.

Paranormal videos are attached to the psychic investigations.

janegoldman[1]03Psychic Investigations 11 - The Team were called in by The Little Chef when rolls were thrown at customers out of thin air.  Jane Goldman with her film crew also attended.

orb3b[1]Psychic Investigations 12 - Studio Bar Psychic Investigation in Merthyr Tydfil undertaken on the 16th March 2008. Left is part of an spirit orb taken on the psychic investigation.

marketingreadings1[1]All our Psychic Investigations are undertaken freely so support the web site by having a Psychic Reading. This psychic reading service is undertaken 24 hours. Psychic Readings by Credit Card UK FREE PHONE 08000 670 335

jane[1]The psychic readers are gentle, caring people who use their special gifts and intuition. Some are qualified mediums who work in the Spiritualist churches. We offer psychic readings by credit card (all major cards accepted) which is a freephone number. Our credit card team are available 24 hours to take your booking. They will arrange the best available psychic reader or psychic medium you have chosen to phone you back on your landline or mobile.

Free phone - 08000 670 335

Paranormal videos are attached to the psychic investigations.

Psychic Investigations 2014

Jane McCarthy has three other web sites:-

psychicinveban[1]Psychic Investigators        This Psychic Investigators site is full of paranormal and orb photographs and research work into the connection between the ‘energy lines, the orbs phenomenon, dimensions and UFOs.’

fairy5[1]Left, is fantastic fairy photograph which was taken in a clairvoyant demonstration and captured in the hair of a lady sat in the back. (see page entitled ‘fairy photographs) The site is full of spirit stories, spirit photography, orbs and spirit orbs .

banner302[1]Paranormal Videos This site contains paranormal video clips of Jane’s psychic investigations & research work.

Click on camera to see example of moving orbs and notice the faces in the still photograph of an orb which has been blown up.

WhiteLion1[1]Click on the camera to view one of the most remarkable paranormal videos which was filmed on a psychic investigation into ‘The White Lion Hotel’ in Llantwit Major. The paranormal video clip has been slowed down to show the object more clearly and then stopped to go backwards.

This video clip was taken in ‘night vision’ in front of a small audience in the room.

poster5Psychic Readings UK The psychic readings are undertaken by psychic readers who have undertaken this work professionally for years and are screened regularly. The psychic readings are not guaranteed. Psychic Readings UK are meant as guidance. Psychic Readings are for entertainment purposes only - Psychic Readings UK

Paranormal Photographs and Paranormal videos copyright Chris and Jane McCarthy

Psychic Art Portraits copyright Jane McCarthy

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Copyright paranormal photographs, spirit orbs and orbs, Psychic Art Jane McCarthy - Psychic Investigations 2013

Copyright paranormal video clips Christopher McCarthy- Psychic Investigations 2013

















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