When & Where

The game will be held June 5th – 10th, 2018 (Tuesday – Sunday) at Länsi-Suomen Opisto, in Huittinen in southwestern Finland, about a two-hour drive from Helsinki.

How much

The ticket price will be 275 euros.

We offer subsidized tickets for 175 euros prioritizing players who are either LGBTQIA (lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, intersex, asexual and/or -romantic), directly affected by the HIV epidemic or persons of colour and/or have a low income. We hope to offer at least 10 of these tickets but as we crowdfund them we don’t know the exact amount yet and will release more of them during the signup period.

If you can afford to pay more than the normal price we suggest you to take part in our crowdfunding campaign in Indiegogo here.

Your ticket includes the game, accommodation, and food. A bus ticket (round-trip leaving from Helsinki) is not included but can be purchased separately.

Every attendee will get a pre-written character with contacts and, during the game, a new character will be arranged if your character dies.

Accommodation and food

You will stay in shared twin rooms in dorms with ensuite or a shared shower. Bed linen and towels will be included. These rooms are located in separate buildings across the yard- not in the main building. Close distance gives you a possibility to rest during acts if you need a private place to calm down.

We cannot offer any accommodation in Helsinki before and/or after the game, but we can help you find a host.

The ticket includes three meals a day which are made by the venue except during in-game nights when dinner is served by us.


Game site facilities

The in-game kiosk sells snacks, non-alcoholic beer and soft drinks. Bring cash with you – the closest ATM is beyond walking distance.


Unfortunately the facilities are not wheelchair accessible. Some game areas are upstairs or downstairs and some in different buildings. No paths outside of the house are paved. There’s gravel road and lawn. There will be flashing lights in the disco and loud music. There will be places where you can rest and take a break from intense playing and your rooms are just across the yard. Smoke and aerosols are not allowed inside buildings so there won’t be strong smells.



The game will be played in English, which is also the language we use to communicate. If you need to contact us, we also answer in Finnish.

What do I need to do to prepare? (Costume, character, etc.)

The game, accommodation and food are included in your ticket. This means you will get a pre-written character with contacts, a bed in a shared twin room and three meals per day. What you need to do beforehand is to read your character and get to know your contacts. We won’t offer you costumes so you need to bring your own, just one or three to change between acts, however you wish. If you perform, you need to prepare your number, costume and possible props. And of course the practicals – clothing, hygiene products et cetera.

What should I bring, and what not

What should you bring?

  • Costume(s) for your character. Remember it’s three separate years!
  • Possible props for your character. Some characters perform, or have a specific function. If you have something to bring, you can tell us beforehand.
  • A black umbrella. One per character.
  • Off-game clothes
  • Sleeping clothes
  • Personal items
  • Toiletries
  • Medication
  • Sunscreen and mosquito repellent
  • Cash for the kiosk. Euros, please!

What shouldn’t you bring?

Alcohol or drugs. We don’t sell any alcohol and this is not a “bring your own bottle” type of event. In-game alcohol use will be represented with non-alcoholic beverages, and there will be no drinking off-game at the site.


Some of the game events happen outdoors. Temperatures in June are typically around 15–20 °C during the days and 10–15 °C at nights, and we have been known to get a bit of rain in June. For a common prop for all players we need you to bring a black umbrella, one per each player.

How will players be supported before / during / after?

Before arriving the game location you will have player support in form of a Facebook group where you can talk with your co-players and our player support team members. If you are a new player, we can also give you some extra mentoring.

At the location you will attend workshops and briefings. We cover up game mechanics and history, for example, and have different sorts of warm up exercises. Workshops are held for everyone, in smaller groups or for every core group depending on the exercise. If you have some special tasks such as performing, you will have a chance to prep for that too. After the game we will have a structured debrief.

You will have player support available also during and after the game. Player support persons will be both members of the team and outside it.



Coming from abroad

We strongly recommend you to take the charter bus we offer. It leaves from central Helsinki, close to the Main Railway station. A train from Helsinki-Vantaa airport to the Helsinki Main Railway station takes about an hour, but please, do arrive early so you won’t miss the bus. We cannot wait for you. We do offer a meetup earlier on the week and possibly some queer sightseeing.

If you want to come a day or two early, we cannot offer any accommodation in Helsinki before and/or after the game, but we can help you find a host. There are lots of AirBnBs, hotels, and hostels of all price ranges in central Helsinki.


We will arrange a charter bus from Helsinki to the game location and back. This is the easiest way to get to the game site and if you come from abroad, we strongly recommend this as the best (and definitely easiest) option. Transportation is not included in the game fee but will cost extra. We will ask for the interest in coming by bus from the selected players.

You can also get to the site by car or by public transport. The closest long distance bus stop on the Tampere-Turku line is Loima. The closest long distance bus stop from Helsinki is Huittinen. Huittinen bus station is 3,5 km from the game location. You can check for tickets and times at Matkahuolto or OnniBus.

Länsi-Suomen opisto provides information on bus stops and how to get there on their website.