The Calculator

The hydration calculator is a fundamental tool that provides you with your dog’s basic daily water requirements. Proper hydration will improve health and aid in the prevention of many illnesses.

Every dog requires one to three ounces of water per pound of body weight each day. Water makes up 70% of an adult dog and approximately 84% of a newborn puppy. A dog can lose all of it’s fat, and half of its protein and live. A simple 10% loss of body water will cause a serious state of dehydration.


Hydration and Thermoregulation is a Complex System with

Variables that are Constantly Changing:

Exercise:  Like humans, the leading factor that causes the most water loss in dogs is exercise.  The intensity and duration of the exercise is another factor that affects loss of water.  Dogs pants to cool themselves, whereas we sweat, so their water loss is not obvious to us.  As a result, if your dog is panting, he probably needs water.

Weight and Size: A healthy dog drinks about an ounce of water per pound of body weight daily.

Type of Food: Dry dog food will require more water than canned dog food.  Ingredients such as sodium will increase their thirst.

Age: A puppy will need about 4ounces every 2 hours and must be watched carefully.  Older dogs monitor themselves.

Temperature/Weather:  Increase in temperature means more panting which in turn means more water.

Medication:  Water aids in the absorption of medicine and improves recovery time.

Pregnancy and Lactation:  The most nutritionally stressful period in a dog’s life is while nursing a litter of puppies. Her nutritional requirements will increase by 300% and her water intake is even greater!   The newborn puppies have a high rate water turnover to maintain their blood volume and hydration status. The mother needs much more water than normal for the entire time her babies are nursing. A lack of water will decrease her milk production and could cause her to dehydrate.  This would cause the puppies to become dehydrated as well.