Patanjali Divya Badam Rogan Reviews and Benefits and Tests

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Patanjali Badam Rogan

Oil Massage in India considered good for our health from ancient time. An old product gets a new look from a new but old brand Patanjali so let us see what Patanjali Badam Rogan a Patanjali almond oil got for us.

Divya Badam Rogan

Patanjali Badam Rogan is a type of oil, which is extracted from the original badam nuts and nourished almonds. Patanjali Badam Rogan strengthens the mind and nervous system.
This medicine fortified each and every cell and energizes it from within. Capable people may apply Badam Rogan on the head and use for massage. And any body can drink milk with 5 to 10 drops of Badam Rogan.
Badam Rogan should be massaged and drop 5 drops at the time of sleeping in the nose to relieve from a headache, tiresomeness, to enhance the intellectual power and remove the mental stress.
This is immensely beneficial for the child’s memory power and is a very medicine.
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How to use Divya Badam Rogan

Dosage and method of usage Add 5 to 10 ml. in milk and drink it every morning and evening. Errhine it in the nose, take a message of it according to the need.

Patanjali Almond Oil Benefits – Divya Badam Rogan uses and benefits

1.Patanjali Badam Rogan Benefits for brain

Badam or almond is considered good for the brain if we consume 2-3 Almond in the day.Indian know the benefits of the Badam oil that are why they give head and body massage from Almond oil. So Try using Patanjali almond oil for a Head Massage.

2. Badam Rogan oil for face
  • It is best applied when it is at the same temperature as your body.
  • Another reason almond oil is so good for skin is that it is rich in Vitamin E which is a very effective antioxidant.
  • Apply the oil regularly and your skin will combat stress and UV damage with ease.

3.  Divya Badam Rogan for hair growth
  • Almond oil is rich in a monounsaturated fatty acid called oleic acid that is considered good for the heart.
  • A diet that contains high amounts of this omega-9 fatty acid is known to reduce blood pressure and increase the HDL cholesterol.
  • Use almond oil in salad dressings to reap its heart health benefits.

Patanjali Almond Oil vs Dabur Almond oil

Price Difference Between Patanjali and Dabur oil

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