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    Consumer electronics are just plastic boxes with an abandoned Linux distribution inside.

  2. 2 hours ago

    The entire Mozilla London office is wearing fox onesies today for the Firefox Quantum launch

  3. 2 hours ago

    Thanks! Yes, it's a big step forward. Partially because of what is there already, partially because of what is yet to come. This post by provides a great overview of the technological changes

  4. 5 hours ago
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    2/7 On the technology side, our engineers turned an experimental technology (Servo) into a stable and highly efficient rendering engine that is blazing fast.

  5. 5 hours ago

    Close to 7 million lines of changed code later and we present the BRAND NEW FIREFOX. Fast, fierce & for good.

  6. 1 hour ago
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    did a really good set of tweets/blogs/articles around this at the time. See point 2 here for example

  7. Replying to

    Important point, it’s a different situation now.

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    If you’re not a martyr you’re just another nobody with a laptop. And for Julian, who hijacked WikiLeaks for his own brand and drove everyone to leave, that would be the worst thing of all.

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    Sweden wouldn’t have extradited him. He’d already be out of prison for the sex charges. He’s free to leave the embassy. What does Julian love more than freedom? What does he fear losing more than anything else after gaining it? Attention and worship.

  10. For bonus points, where in such a case would Sweden extradite to the US but the United Kingdom wouldn't.

  11. Challenge: Ask someone a reasonable series of events, political assent, and legal procedures where Sweden would have ever extradited Assange.

  12. 9 hours ago

    So FYI, "redteam" doesn't mean "above the laws". A CEO can't allow someone else to hack into your personal email address to prove a point. This is plain wrong, unethical and privacy invasive. IMO, company email address is fair game. Personal email: nope! 🙅‍♂️

  13. 6 hours ago

    "There's a bug in your software." "No, I'm fine," the robot said. "It makes you prioritise hiding problems over reporting them." "I'm fine."

  14. Nov 13

    I have a serious question: Is there a good way to learn git? Like a 2 hour ultimate video tutorial or something. I still do kinda this:

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    Spitting grease from their mandible glands into the slides of their weapons, soldiers steady for groundbreak and a blast of atmosphere. Dark visors lock into place over their compound eyes - evolved on a dark planet far from its star. Lacerated antennae mark them as warriors.

  16. Visitors pierced the atmosphere of a burned-out world, landing craft mesmering in and out of a buffeting lower acidic cloud layer. Their chitin plates shudder with the craft as it breaks through to an ancient yellow-hazed wasteland, a fallen city of rotting high-iron metal husks.

  17. Nov 12
  18. 14 hours ago

    When I did helpdesk as my job in undergrad I saw this all.the.time. Students, back-up your research & your thesis work!

  19. Better to forever wonder if machines want to usurp humanity, than give them guns and leave no doubt.

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