FROM ATLANTIS TO THE PROMISED LAND: PAPERS FROM THE FLEM-ATH FILES 1976-2017 brings together the results of more than forty years of research gathered during our intriguing journey into humanity’s forgotten history. This new book is a collection gleaned from our ongoing research on Atlantis, earth crust displacement, the Ice Ages and the location of sacred sites around the globe. It delves into the mysteries of the Inca Trail and the Silk Road; revealing previously unknown connections between these ancient highways.

During the last decade, we’ve also been drawn to the rich history and colorful characters who inhabit the early chapters of the BIBLE and their intricate connection with Jewish folklore. Just as mythology and legends provide the key to the enigma of a lost civilization we believe that folklore unlocks the secrets to another compelling ancient mystery: the enigmatic life of the prophet Moses.

And for anyone who enjoys solving a puzzle – the Speed of Light Code is a special challenge. The nautical mile proves to be the key that unlocks an ancient cryptogram.

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