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  1. преди 2 часа

    Shoutout to our fellow for bringing her insightful words on media to @UNIFEFUSA's 's

  2. ретуитна
    преди 24 часа

    You might know him from the , but check out 's channel where you'll get a behind the scenes look into his family life, journey, and work within his community.

  3. преди 24 часа

    A brief overview of U.S. history, as told by kids 🇺🇸

  4. 14.11

    They are not amoosed. A herd of cows reacts to this man’s 🎸 solo →

  5. 14.11

    A makeup line for everyone, no matter your preferred pronouns 👏👏👏 People try gender-neutral makeup →

  6. ретуитна

    Celebrate the release of with this playlist of videos →

  7. 14.11

    .’s self-directed [There's No Space Left in C# Minor] is an intimate view into the mind of the artist

  8. 14.11

    If you love something, let it go. If it returns to you, it was meant to be. A paramotorist drops and catches a paper ✈️ at 2,000 feet →

  9. 13.11

    A true act of kindness. Face transplant patient meets donor’s family →

  10. 13.11

    Meet Emily, an inspiring creator who owns her insecurities →

  11. 13.11

    How do you improve your mood? Just follow and 's lead and go on vacation.

  12. 13.11

    He may not be tall enough for roller coasters, but this 8-year-old can nail a kickflip →

  13. 13.11

    Be kind to the tigers. They have fillings too. Veterinarians from all over the globe come together to perform dental work on tigers →

  14. 13.11

    “What is our biggest challenge as a couple?” Individuals open up about the struggles in their relationship →

  15. ретуитна
  16. 13.11

    Meet Peyton. She is 1 of 50 who has been diagnosed with Bixler syndrome. She also never flubs a high-five ✋

  17. ретуитна

    Friendly reminder from & : Don't let a small crush blow up your Ego

  18. 12.11

    Now there’s no excuse for being late to brunch. With his latest invention, this man soared into the Guinness World record books →

  19. 12.11

    With a cast like this you HAVE to see season 3 →

  20. 12.11

    “I think comedy is a really helpful tool in healing and bringing people together.” hopes her story will help others to embrace who they are →

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