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8-/16-/32-bit MCUs, analog and Flash-IP solutions. We will be most able to respond to customer questions between the hours of 7 am to 5 pm MST

Chandler, AZ
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    Bring your AVR® MCU-based project to life: Atmel START now includes quick-start libraries for click boards™

  2. преди 3 часа

    Ready to get creative? Save 30% on MPLAB® Xpress PIC16F18877 Evaluation Board on microchipDIRECT:

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    преди 5 часа

    Get started developing your cutting edge efficient design w/ the ecosystem:

  4. преди 22 часа

    We are excited and honored that Microchip has been named a finalist in the “Company of the Year” category for the 2017 ACE Awards:

  5. преди 23 часа

    Have an amazing or other design in mind? Spark your creativity and save 20% on our Curiosity Development Boards from now through December 31, 2017:

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    Do you need a little boost getting a project started using MPLAB® Xpress IDE? Check out this helpful tutorial:

  7. 14.11

    Congratulations to the team for meeting their goal of launching 100 click boards™ in 2017!

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    . here's some great information about the parts we have

  9. 13.11

    Are you working on a project using AVR® and SAM MCUs? Watch this first video in our “Getting Started with Atmel Studio 7” series to get a quick overview of the various development tools that we offer to get your design up and running in no time:

  10. 13.11

    Change the way you design with CAN: two new 8-bit PIC18 K83 MCUs combine a CAN bus with an extensive array of Core Independent Peripherals to create simpler and more cost-effective designs. Find out more here:

  11. 13.11

    Learn how to use MPLAB® X IDE to set configuration bits and generate initialization code for your PIC® MCU project:

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  13. ретуитна

    Thank you to our sponsors , & for supporting technology education!

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    Join roadtest & get OpenScope wireless instrument & board w/ & module

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    Discover the delights of the ATtiny10 and program it using the Arduino IDE:

  16. 10.11

    Want to make a complex digital power design easier? Try out our Digital Power Design Suite for dsPIC33EP “GS” DSCs

  17. 10.11

    Bring your or other design to life with 16-bit PIC24FJ256GA7 Curiosity Development Board

  18. 10.11

    How chipKIT® core plug-in for Arduino® IDE makes it easy to program Flip&Click for PIC32MZ

  19. ретуитна

    First in the US! New York’s Tompkins County funds open-source wireless network, deploying now thru mid-2018

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    LED bar indicator developed with PIC16F690! Much better than analog solutions!

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