Big Boys Playground, LLC
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I have been involved with off-roading since I was little. From go-karts and motorcycles to ATV’s and Trucks.  For many years, a group of buddies and I would go off-roading every weekend and at all hours of the night. I have experienced first hand the closing of trails. As trails closed, off-roading became less enjoyable since the best trails were the first to close. Then what used to be fairly enjoyable trails became just a Sunday drive. Absolutely no challenge. And the ego, abuse of authority, and the blocking of what was supposed to be publicly accessible trails by National Forest Rangers drove me to create a private off-roading area.

Big Boys Playground opened in 2002 and we now entertain four to six hundred people and over 100 trucks at each event.

I am committed to supporting off-roaders. If there are any other services you would like me to offer, please contact me.  

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