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  1. 2 hours ago

    We tried to play Assassin's Creed origins without breaking any laws

  2. 4 hours ago

    "It's shocking to me that people drink this stuff voluntarily." Coffee hater drinks coffee for a week ☕️☕️☕️

  3. 6 hours ago

    Will someone rich please take me here?

  4. 8 hours ago

    how to fix your car

  5. 11 hours ago

    Who wants to live in one of these with me?

  6. 13 hours ago

    This is how you return a lost iPhone — on a moving train

  7. 15 hours ago

    Is it December yet?

  8. 17 hours ago

    We try to escape 5 stars in Grand Theft Auto 5

  9. Nov 16

    You just want to watch people at edible, dehydrated, boiled tarantulas

  10. Nov 16

    Can chefs make broccoli-haters change their mind?

  11. Nov 16
  12. Nov 16

    I tried learning how to do a cartwheel as an adult

  13. Nov 16

    A redhead gets blonde hair for a week

  14. Nov 16

    We tested the best way to pee outside while camping

  15. Nov 16

    We tried McDowell's from "Coming To America"

  16. Nov 16

    Ruining your social life has never been so fun

  17. Nov 16

    5 things no one tells you about going to war

  18. Nov 15

    Ruining your social life has never been so fun

  19. Nov 15

    6th grade math is easy until you're drunk

  20. Nov 15

    We tried emergency landing a plane

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