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GEM MSc course - General

The course is international not only in its context and participants, but also in its locations, with modules being conducted at European institutes with worldwide reputations in geo-information science for environmental modelling and management.

All five institutes offer first-class research and training facilities, and comply with the highest European academic standards. The course is a product of long-standing collaboration between the institutes concerned.

All five institutes bring you into contact with different cultures and different ways of life. Surviving and adapting to these different cultures will certainly be a challenge, but this is another aspect that makes the course worthwhile.

Living costs will be around € 875 a month a bit higher in the United Kingdom, a bit lower in Poland, but this amount generally ensures a good standard of living.

Example GEM Student Agreement

  • ITC
  • Lunds Universitet
  • University of Iceland
  • Universitas Varsoviensis
  • University of Southampton