Center for Human-engaged Computing (CHEC)

The CHEC vision is to be a top academic research lab with an emphasis on HEC; to lead national and global HEC research defining future interactions between humans and technologies. Publications: Xiangshi Ren, "Rethinking the Relationship between ...

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Good News at CHEC!

On the last two months, members of Center for Human-engaged Computing (CHEC) succeeded to obtain several achievements. Here is a report of those achievements in order of the date.

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CHEC at CHI 2017

2 full papers, 2 notes, 1 workshop, 1 late-breaking work and 1 panel at CHI 2017 by our members including 1 best paper award!

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Best paper award in ACM ISS 2016

Wang Qinglong, Visiting researcher of Center for Human-engaged Computing, Kochi University of Technology (KUT) won the best paper award in “ACM ISS 2016 IN NIAGARA FALLS, CANADA” held on November 6th to 9th.

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International Symposium on Interactive Technology and Ageing Population (IxAP) 2016

Center for Human-Engaged Computing (CHEC) organized an international conference on International Symposium on Interactive Technology and Ageing Population (IxAP) 2016. Over 100 participants from 26 institutes and 18 countries attended at IxAP 2016.

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International Workshop on Advances in Research Grants and HCI & HEC

An international workshop, organized by Center for Human-Engaged Computing at KUT, was held on Tuesday, October 18. Four distinguished speakers along with CHEC members were cover topics related to specific areas in HCI and Human-Engaged Computing, an ...

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Mountain trip

Prof. Ren with CHEC members and Prof. Antti with his family in mountain trip Wednesday and Thursday 14, 15 October, 2015

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Smartphone Interfaces for Older People (JST)

Smartphones have become the most widely used platform. In addition, ageing population have rapidly been increased around the world, specially in Japan. This project aims to study novel user interfaces for smartphones that are better suited and adapt ...

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Games Research

Games have become part of our daily lives. This project seeks to (1) improve gaming experiences and interaction techniques and (2) to apply games for the purposes of education, health, and social causes.

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Human-engaged Computing (CHEC)

Welcome to the Center for Human-Engaged Computing (CHEC). CHEC was established in April 2015 and was based on the Human-Computer Interaction Lab (Ren Lab) established in 2000 and The Center for Human-Computer Interaction established in 2012. CHEC is an interdisciplinary research center covering all aspects of Human-Engaged Computing, a field concerned with synergized interaction between humans and computers, and the progressive maximization of human and digital capacities. Publications: Xiangshi Ren, "Rethinking the Relationship between Humans and Computers", Computer, IEEE.

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