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Tuesday, November 21st, 2017 Legends
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92.17 MB
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File Type:
Legends Addon File (save to ./Legends/legends/ )
Added at:
4:44 pm, Tuesday June 27th, 2006
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This is the direct download version (as a drop-in .unf file) for Legends. If you want some of the original .map files, readme texts or info on how to make and host your own maps - get the full .zip of this map pack from LPB|Bear's filefront page

Version BTMappack-1.06 is compatiable with Legends 0.4.2, previous versions are not.
This version is the same as BTMappack-1.05-3b1.unf with the addition of a missing texture file which may have caused errors for some people or autodownloads for others.

Updated 16th Jan 2010, See Changes.

Instructions for Windows: Save the downloaded "BTMappack.unf" file in your C://Program Files/Legends/legends directory. (your install path may differ)
Instructions for Linux: Similar to Windows, see the wiki, eg PClinuxOS path is /usr/share/games/legends/legends/BTMappack.unf, Ubuntu file path is /home/username/legends/legends/ (you should also remove old versions of BTMapPack and auto-downloaded files stored in /legends/legends/data/ )

If you are interested in contributing to the mappack, please contact LPB|Bear. That can be maps, models, textures etc, but they should be your own creations. Not ripped from your favorite game.

Be sure to read the simple instructions contained in the text of this files ( BTMappack_FAQ.txt - changelog.txt - contents_list.txt - howto.txt - mapcycle.cs - readme.txt - sun_directions.txt )

Get Help and Support from LPB|Bear's Forum Topic

Pressure Cooker

The mappack can be used a number of different ways by server admins. As I mentioned in an earlier post the full zipped version contains a custom "mapcycle.cs" script. Server admins should check out this file. It will allow you to completely customize your server and its map rotation.

For instance, lets say you wanted to run only stock style maps but you wanted to use a mix of the fixed ones in the mappack and some of the Legends stock maps. Your custom mapcycle.cs script could look like the following example.

addMisToCycle("CTF_Aeolus"); //(serverside map)
addMisToCycle("CTF_Axed"); //(serverside map)
addMisToCycle("CTF_BigOne"); //(serverside map)
addMisToCycle("CTF_Borealis"); //(serverside map)
addMisToCycle("CTF_Corystrahl"); //(serverside map)
addMisToCycle("CTF_Desert_Assault"); //(serverside map)
addMisToCycle("DesolateBTv1"); //(serverside map) (has floor in base and flagstand to reduce snags)
addMisToCycle("DevilsDanceBT"); //(serverside map) (fixed spawn points)
addMisToCycle("DogBoneLakeBT"); (no "hidey" hole in terrain)
addMisToCycle("CTF_GraveGrass"); //(serverside map)
addMisToCycle("KillsiteBTv1"); (smoother terrain)
addMisToCycle("MonolithBTv2"); (smoother terrain, better performance)
addMisToCycle("CTF_Ocular"); //(serverside map)
addMisToCycle("RoughlandBTv3"); (fixed terrain and terrain textures)
addMisToCycle("SolBT"); //(serverside map) (better alignment of various dif models)
addMisToCycle("SpinDryftBT"); //(serverside map) (better performance)

With the above list your server would be basically "stock" with mostly "serverside" maps.

How about a Tribes 1 style of server example?


Or how about all Rabbit all the time example?

addMisToCycle("Rabbit_Axed"); //(serverside map)
addMisToCycle("Rabbit_GraveGrass"); //(serverside map)
addMisToCycle("Rabbit_Killsite"); //(serverside map)
//addMisToCycle("Rabbit_Ocular"); //(serverside map) //this version has a mistake in mis file, use BT version instead
addMisToCycle("RabbitOcularBT"); //(serverside map) //Fixed version, run this version instead of the stock version

A server admin could pretty do any kind of server style they wish by using the mapcycle.cs script on their server. Hopefully, server admins will use this tool to create a more varied and quality experience for players than just using the barely working random cycle thing most use now.

One of my goals for this version of the mappack was to eliminate any files that might have come from a commercial source. This has caused the removal of some maps. I hope that some can eventually be added back in a future version of the mappack. I hated to have to do this but felt it was more important to the overall long term mappack goals.

As always the latest BTMappack updates are at:


I update regularly so check there once in a while for updates. New players to Legends be sure to READ the text files in the mappack zip file. They contain mostly stupid idiotic useless information such as HOW TO USE THE MAPPACK.

Old DLs 5771 pre 1.05-2
Old DLs 4871 pre 1.05-2
Old DLs 3694 pre 1.05-1
Old DLs 2989 pre 1.05
Old DLs 2462 pre 1.04-3
Old DLs 2384 pre 1.04-2
Old DLs 2339 pre 1.04-1
Old DLs 2143 pre 1.04

Latest Windows Nvidia Driver - NVIDIA Forceware 388.31 WHQL Win7 64-bit  
Latest Windows ATI Driver - AMD Catalyst Drivers 15.7.1 Windows 7 64  
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