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In-game Editor

    • Starting the Editor
      • Press ALT+E
    • Starting a new map
      • Go to File and click Open map and start from an existing map or Save the current map.
    • General editor operations (object placement, variable adjustment)
      • You can Grab ahold of objects by just holding the mouse down and circling it, or by clicking on it.
    • Use of special engine events (foliage, fxSunLight, etc.)


    • Importing A Terrain: How to import an image as a terrain
    • Terrains: Generation and Hand-editing
    • Terrain texture placement and hand-painting


Making Interiors with Constructor (Windows / Mac)

Making Interiors with WorldCraft / Hammer (Windows)

Making Interiors with QuArK (Windows)


Mission Types

  • War: Making and linking capturable objectives, capturing bases/turrets etc.

Map Packaging

Map Design


    • Servers: Hosting your map, running and setting up servers
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