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The Peopling of Indochina

jw: Hi Mr Lindsay, where did the South Chinese come from? Are the Indochinese the same as the South Chinese?

The Vietnamese people came from Southern China about 4-5,000 YBP. There is a Vietnamese legend that says that the forefather of the Vietnamese people came from an area in Southern China near a large lake, the name of which escapes me now. I believe that legend actually lines up with the facts. There was a huge Southern Chinese Yue invasion of Vietnam 2,300 YBP.

There was also a huge movement of Chinese from Yunnan into Thailand 900 YBP.

There was some sort of similar large movement into Laos. In addition, in the last 300-400 years, there was a large movement of Southern Chinese Hmong people into the north of Laos. The indigenous people are composed of a number of small Mon-Khmer speaking groups in the southeast of the country. The Khmu are an example of such a group. The Lao people proper are very similar to the Thai linguistically and anthropologically.

The Indochinese people have a lot of Chinese blood in them, particularly the Vietnamese and the Thai. In both Thailand and Vietnam, the population is heavily mixed between an indigenous group of Paleomongoloids and the newer influx of Neomongoloid Southern Chinese. A good representative of the earlier stock of Paleomongoloids in Vietnam would be the rather primitive Montagnard people in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

Thailand has a large Indian component mixed in. Cambodia also has a large Indian component, and their Indian admixture is greater than that of the Thai. The Khmer are probably Paleomongoloid indigenous + Indians + a smaller number of Neomongoloid Chinese. The Khmer may have the largest Paleomongoloid component of the four nations.


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Adios, Santa Ana


Alas, poor Santa Ana, we knew thee well.

I am sure Santa Ana was White at some time or another, but honestly, I keep trying to remember when Santa Ana was not like this. To me, it’s been this way forever now. I hung out there in 1979 and 1980, and it was pretty damn Mexican then even. More Mexican-American, but still. I worked in Santa Ana in 1989-90 at Stewart and Barnett, a major law firm downtown. It was already completely gone that way even that far back. I might as well have been working in Mexico. It was a very alienating place to work, like working in a foreign country.

I don’t think I ever taught in their school system, but I’m not sure. Maybe I did. I think I was actually teaching in Garden Grove schools though. They were very heavily Southeast Asian, especially Vietnamese and Khmer. I don’t mind teaching Viets and Khmer at all. They’re perfect students and the older ones who work at the school are quite easy to work with. When you meet the SE  Asian aides, they practically bow down in front of you, apparently because you are this revered thing called a teacher. They’re really nice too, even the men. Bend over backwards nice.

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IQ’s of Southeast Asians Raised in the West

Drain Bamage writes:

Yes NNAMs. SEA’s are not as smart as Europeans when raised in the first world. You may see the visible top 20% being successful mirroring the successful 20% in their native countries

Although we have data on Filipinos, we have no data whatsoever on Laotians, Thais, Khmer, Viets or Indonesians in the US. There’s nothing there. However, I have met a number of Lao and Khmer in the US while teaching school and tutoring adults and my basic opinion was that they were not stupid. They seemed to be about on the level of the Viets and Thais. And these were very ordinary uneducated Lao and Khmer refugees who had little education and worked only menial jobs.

Also although there is a lot of overlap, in general the Lao, Khmer, Thai and Viets each had a certain “look” about them, and after a while I got so I could tell them apart pretty well. It’s bull that “they all look the same.”

I had one tutoree who was Mien, and he looked completely different from all the others. He also looked very Chinese. This is a group that like the Hmong originates in Southern China, but many have moved into Laos in the last 300 years. I also thought he might have been smarter than the average of the rest.


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More on the Finest Mixed Race of Them All – The “Hapa”

S. D. writes: Eastern Europeans have some Asian blood in them-Charles Bronson was an example-all the way West to Hungary (Named after Huns from Northern China).

Finns, though blonde, also derive some ancient Asian genes through the Lapps who were apparently present when the Germanic tribes migrated Northwards in antiquity.

The Filipino ruling-class are Eurasians.

My point is this ain’t nothing new under the sun, folks,

The grandchild of a white male and an Asian female that is 1/4 Asian looks no different than an Eastern European.

That is why the continent is called Eurasia.

Japanese are some ancient mixture of Caucasoid Ainu from Russia and ancient migrations from Korean peninsula (In this instance the Asians exterminated the whites).

Manchurian Chinese are Eurasians from the steppes of Soviet Siberia.

What is the big deal?

I love a lot of mixed race people because I think a lot of mixed race people are even more beautiful than those of the pure races that formed them. Further, some races that are not very attractive to me can create very beautiful people by mixing with another race. Even some mixed Aborigine-White women can be quite beautiful. One is a famous Australian model.

East Europeans do not have much Asian blood in them – maybe 3% in Czechs and not a whole lot more in your average Russian. It’s less than 12% at any rate. Finns and Turks are 7% Asian, a bit more.

Go look up some photos of people like the Mansi and the Khanty. Very, very mixed Asian-White to the point where you see people with blue eyes and blond hair next to people who look very Asiatic – very strange looking but somehow beautiful.

Some of the groups around the Altai like the Altai people and the Khakas are also extremely mixed – more or less 50-50 in those cases but really more like 40-45% White and 55-60% Asian. These are the ancestors of most Amerindians.

Tatars and Bashkirs are also extremely mixed, although I believe they are mostly White. Nevertheless some of the women look very Asiatic.

Turkmen are also very mixed – I think they might be 40% Asian.

The Ainu are not Caucasoids either by genes of by skulls. On skulls they are Australoids – basically depigmented Northern Veddoids – and on genes are they are simply Asians. People think they are Caucasoids because Veddoids have look somewhat Caucasoid themselves and a depigmented Veddoid can look (falsely) quite Caucasoid and also because the mix between an Australoid and a Mongoloid or Paleomongoloid can often appear mysteriously quite Caucasoid in phenotype. Check out the Ainu and the Veddoids, some Polynesians, Papuans and even Aborigines, some Southeast Asians such as some Khmers, and especially the Taiwanese aborigines who often look very “Caucasoid.”

Northern Chinese may well have Caucasoid in them from way back, but the genes are no longer present. Mongolians have more White in them – they are 14% Caucasoid.


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What Race Is This Person

Ethnic Chinese from Pernakan, Malaysia

A Peranakan Ethnic Chinese from Singapore.

Here we have an interesting phenotype. I knew this woman was an ethnic Chinese Teochew speaker originally from Malaysia now relocated to Singapore. The weird thing is she looks part-Caucasian! She is also said to be part-Malay, that is, she has some Malay blood mixed into her Chinese. Her Chinese line came from Guangdong in the far south of China over 600 years ago. This is where the Teochew speakers came from and where Teochew is still spoken to this very day.

Since Malays are frankly Paleomongoloids (Australoid-Mongoloid transitionals), I thought perhaps her Caucasoid appearance meant that she was mostly a Paleomongoloid. That is because when you interbreed an Australoid and a Mongoloid, you can sometimes end up with a Caucasoid looking phenotype. The Ainu, the Taiwanese aborigines, and some Polynesians and Khmer are evidence of this.

However digging into it a bit more, I discovered that she is a Peranakan Chinese. The Peranakans came to Malaysia between the 1400’s and 1600’s. Many settled in Malacca State adjacent to the Straits of Malacca. The former Dutch colony of Indonesia is a short boat ride away and supposedly there were many Dutch living in Malacca at the time having moved there from Sumatra. This woman is rumored to be part-Caucasian by her family. People say that many Peranakans are part Dutch, as the Dutch bred in with many of the locals. The best theory is that this woman is mostly Chinese, part Malay and also part Dutch. There is a huge Peranakan community in Singapore.

All in all, a pretty interesting phenotype.


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A Division of the Asian Races

Found on the Internet:

My definition of the subgroup of mongoloid appearance due to their climatic origin. I am referring to the pure ethnic group before any mixing of ethnic groups.

  • 1. Northern Mongoloid: Tungusic, Mongol, Tibetan, Korean, Northern Chinese, Japanese, Nivki, Chukchi, Yakut, Tuva, Yukaghir, Samoyedic
  • Very cold climate – cold winter, cool summer
  • Small eyes, single eyelid
  • Very Pale skin
  • 2. Southern Mongoloid: Southern Chinese, Burmese, Thai, Lao, Hmong, Mien, Vietnamese, Chin, Shan, Kuki, Bai, Lahu
  • Temperate climate – cool winter, warm summer
  • Medium sized eyes, double eyelids
  • Fair skin
  • 3. Southeast Mongoloid: (Paleomongoloid or Australoid-Mongoloid transitionals) – Taiwan aborigine, Montagnard, Akha, Khmer, Filipino, Indonesian, Malay in Malaysia/Singapore, Karen, Karenni, Naga, Rohinga
  • Hot, tropical climate – no winter, hot summer
  • Large eyes, double or triple eyelids.
  • Brown skin


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Were the Shang Dynasty People Black?

Mike815 writes:

Yes, the Shang Dynasty people in Southern China people may well have been Negritos or maybe Melanesian types. That is well known.

The Australoid -> Mongoloid transition seems to have been later in Southern China and Vietnam than it was in the north, where it occurred much earlier, around 9,000 YBP.

In the South, the Australoid -> Mongoloid transition took place 2,300-4,500 YBP, and many Southeast Asians have not even fully transitioned but are still transitional types moving from Australoids towards Neomongoloids, that is, they are Paleomongoloids. There are figures on the Angkor Watt temples that look very much like Negrito or Melanesian people. These may well have been the basic Khmer type ~3,000-4,000 YBP.


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Asians and Caucasians: Archaics, Transitional, and Progressive Forms

Anthropology 1994 writes:

If Chinese are equivalent to Americans and Koreans to Nordics, which European or Caucasian type will the Japanese and Vietnamese be equivalent to?

Not sure, Japanese and Koreans are pretty much identical. I am not sure what to do with Vietnamese.

Those types of comparisons between Mongoloids and Caucasoids are very difficult and maybe impossible to do – the groups are just too different and they have very different histories.

If you are asking what an archaic protoform or paleo transition form of Caucasians may look like, maybe they are similar to South Indians.

Thing is, we can see a lot of the transition in Asia. There are still many Australoid proto-Asians (Melanesians, Papuans, Aborigines, Ainu, Senoi, Negritos, Tamils) and there are also many Neomongoloid Neoasians (Chinese, Japanese, Mongolians, Koreans, Vietnamese). In between we have the Paleomongoloid Paleoasians in transition (Polynesians, Micronesians, Thais, Lao, Khmer, Malays, Indonesians, Filipinos, Taiwan aborigines, Nagas).

For Caucasoids we simply have Caucasoids. Not many people make a distinction between Neocaucasians, Paleocaucasians and Protocaucasians because hardly anyone knows what the Paleos and Protos look like. We are probably not even sure what a Paleocaucasian looks like, but the South Indians and the Saami may be a good example. We are lost when it comes to Protocaucasians. In other words, for Caucasians, we mostly just have the fully transitioned form in Europeans, Near Easterners, Central Asians and even in Arabs and North Africans. All of these are pretty much fully transitioned Caucasians. But no one really knows that they transitioned from or what the transitioning forms looked like.

Asia looks a lot more in flux. The world of the Caucasians looks like a done deal.


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Relations Between Southern Chinese and Southeast Asians

Ken writes:

I’m not a Han Chinese guy, so i have no reason to be a Han supremacist. I have never been to Southern China or Vietnam so i have no personal opinions about the similarities or differences in their physical features. However, there seems to be a larger genetic distance between the Viets and Southern Chinese, than there is between the Northern and Southern Chinese. On the other hand, this is just one study – maybe there are other studies out there claiming that the Southern Chinese are closer to the Vietnamese than they are to the Northern Chinese(?)

I have seen many studies showing a very close relationship between the Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino and Southern Chinese people. In particular, Vietnamese and Cantonese often plot very close together. It was very tempting to create a Vietnamese-Cantonese Race.

I saw one study that showed a very close linkage between Hong Kong Chinese, Taiwanese aborigines and Filipinos. In fact you could even call them a micro-race. Han asshole flipped out at me for linking the Hong Kongers with those inferior Ami aborigines and especially with the lowly Filipinos.

When I was working on my Major and Minor Races of Man piece, I wanted to split some races in SE Asia. But the differences between the Thai, Lao, Viets and Filipinos and the Southern Chinese were so small that I was always tempted to put them into a single race. The distance between the 4 former groups and the Southern Chinese so always quite low. The Khmer and especially the Malay and Indonesians were quite a bit further away from the Southern Chinese.

Maybe the Northern and Southern Han are even closer than the Thai, Lao, Viets and Filipinos are to Southern Chinese.

Dai is nothing but the base of many SE Asian people. The base of the Indonesian people is called Proto-Dai. These people moved down massively into SE Asia, Indonesia and the Philippines in connection with glacial flooding 15,000 YBP.


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Are the Possible Human Phenotypes a Closed and Limited Set?

Gulliver Frederick asks:

Could you elaborate Robert on what “White genes” are and why people believe it’s recessive? Can you give an elaboration of how this gene thing works and the proof of it?

Also would the “White phenotype” re-appear again if given the exact same pressures and evolutionary circumstances?

I am not sure myself what White genes are to be honest. I do not know genetics very well. I am also not sure if Whiteness is recessive. This is something the Black nationalists and White nationalists both harp on about, but I am not sure it is true and the only people saying it are insane people.

Yes I really do think that the White phenotype would occur again under all sorts of pressures and evolutionary circumstances.

I truly believe that the possible human phenotypes is a closed and not very large set. There are only a fairly small and closed set of potential phenotypes that may unfold in any human race, and I feel that “Caucasoid” is one of them.

As an example, a cross between archaic East Asian and Neomongoloid often produces a fake “Caucasoid” phenotype. This can be seen in Taiwan aborigines, some Amerindians of North America, the Ainu, some Khmers, and some Polynesians. Also some Papuan phenotypes appear “Caucasoid” which is odd. There are even some Blacks from South Sudan, northern Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi who appear somewhat “Caucasoid.” Studies have shown that these Blacks are 100% Black with no Caucasoid admixture.


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