May 20th, 2014 - We are proud to introduce you to our Crypto Capital Corp company.
Some highlights from our website:

visit us at CryptoCapital.co

Bringing the Crypto Community Together
Imagine a world where all the Fiat accounts in the Crypto economy are connected in a seamless way, the same way that Crypto Currencies are connected Now!
Fund in Fiat, in any currency, USD, EUR, JPY, CNY, etc. Purchase and Sell Crypto Currencies, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Doge etc.. 24/7/365 through a variety of Exchange Platforms.
We understand Crypto Currencies and the need to have direct access to Fiat Currencies. Join us and become part of our Fiat and Crypto network today.
Crypto Capital is a Fiat Payment Platform build to support the Crypto Currency Payment Platform.

Crypto Capital Corp is providing an open source exchange available for anyone qualified to operate an exchange,


WLOX a White Label Open Source EXchange is the first fully Open Source platform that comes with a built-in Fiat Account provided by us - Crypto Capital Corp.

Crypto Capital Corp handles all KYC/AML requirements so all you need to do is just manage the software, marketing and provide support to your customers!

Our mission is to allow for multiple exchanges in multiple languages and in multiple currencies to operate freely on top of our platform. Mexican, Thai, Polish, Australian and more exchanges worldwide operating together on one platform supporting each other and offering liquidity and market depth to one another. The users of our platform will be able to trade in MXN, move it to EUR and before lunch trade in and out of USD and AUD.

Download it - deploy it - rebranded it and make it your own.

Add support for the language of your choice and choose from over the 30 different Fiat Currencies we offer at Crypto Capital Corp.

WLOX currently supports Bitcoin, but you can add any crypto currency you wish to the exchange.

Open Source makes for a better exchange. Upgrades to the latest versions can be made simultaneously across exchanges.

Some highlighted features:

Allows users to trade and maintain balances in multiple fiat currencies on one user account.

Pre-configured to function with the official Bitcoin Core client (bitcoind) by default. No need for any knowledge of the Bitcoin protocol or command-line interface.

WLOX comes with its own back-end for managing everything from page content to fiat-currency withdrawals by users.

Why open source:
The community will come together and build a better more secure exchange which can support the latest technologies.

Want to add another feature to the exchanges, hop on github and add your input.

WLOX is the first of many open source exchange platform we will be offering in the future.

Is it 100% ready? NO! We are just getting started, join us at WLOX.IO

With WLOX companies form all over the world will be able to easily integrate with Crypto Capital and provide their exchange software platform on top of our fiat platform.

We are emerging out of BETA and in the next couple of weeks we will announce new exchanges coming online as they integrate with our platform.
All Exchanges will be provably solvent.

We are agnostic to Crypto Exchange Fees. Every exchange will have free hand at the open market to set their own Fees once they come online.

The Demo Site at WLOX.io is for illustration purpose only.

Current Fiat Accounts Supported:


You are free to apply for a BETA account on our Site, just enter the word BETA in the reference box when applying.

Thank you for your patience and support.

Crypto Capital Corp

October 15th, 2013 - Crypto Financial (CFIG) is pleased to announce that we will begin to accept applications for our Fiduciary Financial Services and Trading Platform during the month of November, 2013. The customers that will first be able to participate and open a Beta account with us will be any individual or corporation that will be holding TEN (10) or more shares of our company (CFIG) through Havelock Investments at the time that they submit an application. You will be able to provide proof of ownership by sending us an e-mail to contact@cryptofinancial.io using your Havelock e-mail address. After a 30 – 45 day Beta run of our system we will open our application to the general public.

We appreciate all of the support and patience shown by our shareholders and we are looking forward to serving you.

Thank you,

Crypto Financial

August 22nd, 2013 - FOR IMMIDIATE RELEASE:

CRYPTO FINANCIAL (CFIG) is pleased to announce that our public offering of our Virtual Shares will close on Friday August 23rd, 2013 AT 12:00 P.M EST. Live trading of our shares will commence immediately once the IPO has closed. Any remaining shares will be placed for sale in the open market at the original IPO price. We appreciate the countless people and organizations that have reached out to us and have showed their support for our venture.

August 16th, 2013 - DIVIDEND POLICY
revised August 16, 2013

On a monthly basis Crypto Financial will distribute dividends solely to unit holders on Havelock until the accumulated dividends total ß0.15 per unit. Moving forward from that point, dividends will be distributed equally among Havelock unit holders and private unit holders.
One Hundred Percent (100%) of all net income derived from the exchange of Fiat Currency to Crypto Currencies and vice versa by Crypto Financial will be paid out in dividends.