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Princeton prof. I tweet about AI ethics, digital privacy, infosec, cryptocurrencies & blockchains, tech policy, science.

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    No boundaries: Exfiltration of personal data by session-replay scripts Simultaneously excited to reveal this research and depressed about the state of the web.

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    Dec 1

    So this week was maybe the 10th or so time I've testified on the Hill, as an scientist/researcher. A couple thoughts on the process. 1/

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    Nov 29

    Please endorse the Bechdel test for academic&tech conferences: 1) two women speaking 2) in the same panel or session 3) not about women in tech / women in academia

  4. Delighted that the Communications of the ACM picked up my piece with on Bitcoin's academic pedigree

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    Nov 29

    ML researchers, reviewers, and press coverage of ML need to get a lot more serious about statistically robustness of results and the effect of hyperparameters. This study shows that many papers over the last year or so were just observing sampling error, not true improvement.

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    Nov 27

    can't stop reading ICO as "insane clown offering"

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    Nov 22

    Cool, I just went browsing through 's jobs on MTurk. found boarding passes, hotel receipts (name, dates, details), medical receipts, addresses, signatures, and a whole lot of burgers and burritos. I also just turned off SmartScan, because that's super creepy.

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    Nov 17

    Breaking News: Fifth Circuit takes surprisingly strong stance on capitalization of “Internet”! We need an lunch on this issue. See n.12,

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    Nov 22

    Important thread from the ACLU calling on Facebook to submit to independent auditing 👇🏼

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    Nov 21

    Last year I wrote about how Facebook let housing advertisers discriminate by race: Today: turns out Facebook didn’t fix it, despite its promises.

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    Nov 21

    OpenWPM : A web privacy measurement framework : , Studies Using OpenWPM : cc

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    Nov 20

    Update your EasyPrivacy (Adblock/uBlock) blocking lists today. Important additions protecting from real-time user session surveillance scripts misuse/leaks.

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    Nov 20

    Another Tor Browser Feature Makes It Into Firefox: First-Party Isolation

  14. We try to do this for all our web tracking studies, but we're time constrained and there's a trade-off between new research and follow-ups of published research. We're looking for partners (especially in the nonprofit space) for doing long-term monitoring. Anyone interested?

  15. It gets even better!

  16. From the speaker guide. Every security conference should adopt this!

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    Nov 17

    : it’s important that computer scientists think through why they’ve chosen to use race over other categories. It’s possible that other variables with less potential for discrimination or bias would be just as effective.”

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    Nov 17

    Received this at the lab today. Only realised now that I was already following and on Twitter. Thanks for your work!

  19. Oh snap improved performance by almost a further order of magnitude and now we have to update all the numbers in the paper :) New release coming soon!

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    Nov 16

    This is a serious problem. Someone should write a letter to the New York Times! “The Ivory Tower Can’t Keep Ignoring Math” by

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