Erectile Dysfunction, Main Causes and Treatment

erectile dysfunction

Special erectile dysfunction and sexual dysfunction disorders are generally much more common than previously thought.

Erectile dysfunction is defined as the constant and repeated inability to achieve adequate erection or maintenance of sexual performance.

It is not usual for patients to speak, in general, with a family doctor about sexual performance disorders. Based on the assumption that this is not his job (his specialty) and fear of harming their image. But do you know the most important information about it?


Causes and risk factors for erectile dysfunction.


Many diseases and problems may cause sexual dysfunction. In the past, these factors were classified according to their sources either emotional or psychological and physical.

Today we are aware that this classification is artificial. Because the connection between the soul and the body is very close and can not be separated.


Causes of erectile dysfunction include:



Such as personal problems and marital relationship problems, anxiety about sexual performance (fear of sexual failure, etc.).

 Some common diseases.

Such as diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, calcification, and atherosclerosis.

The common denominator of these diseases is that they all affect the blood flow to the penis, so they may affect sexual performance and lead to erectile dysfunction. The same applies to drugs used to treat these diseases (beta blockers, lipid-lowering drugs, diuretics, etc.).

Problems with innervation.

Such as after a spinal disc herniation, pelvic surgery or radiation therapy.

Depression and Anxiety.

Are two very common diseases, one of the most prominent symptoms is decreased libido and decreased sexual performance. The treatment with modern drugs selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) exacerbates the problem, and this is one of the side effects of these drugs.

Heart diseases and treatments.

Harm can also be, the level of sexual performance. It is known today that a person who has a heart attack can return to normal sex life, but only needs help and encouragement. Also, sex today does not require more physical effort than the physical effort required to climb the stairs of two floors on foot. Therefore, the patient should be encouraged to return to sexual activity and convince him that this does not involve serious risk to his life.


Such as sedative drugs, stomach acid reduction drugs, chemotherapy and various hormones – may affect sexual performance.


Causes of erectile dysfunction in young people.


Erectile dysfunction can indicate sexual function problems (but this is rare at this early age), but it can also be the result of a normal process during adolescence if this is just a transient, temporary event.

The physiological causes that can lead to problems with sexual function at an early age are weight gain, prolonged sitting in front of the television or computer, lack of physical activity. Other causes may be psychological.


Treatment of erectile dysfunction.


There are a variety of treatments that help treat erectile dysfunction. The first line of treatment today is Viagra (Sildenaphil / Viagra), Vrdnaphil / Levitera or Tdalaphil / Cilas. Finally, a new drug called Avanafil approves nice results in this family.

These drugs are available in pharmacies, and each doctor can give them in appropriate cases.


Side Effects of Erectile Dysfunction Medications.


These drugs have minor and transient side effects, including:

Light redness in the cheeks.

A slight decrease in blood pressure reflects the feeling of dizziness and a slight feeling of weakness and nausea.

Most of these symptoms fade away and disappear before you start having sex (after about an hour). There were almost no patients who had the side effects of these drugs so severe that they avoid it.

However, you must not take these drugs with nitrate drugs (drugs to increase blood flow in the coronary arteries of heart patients). To prevent them from those whose physical, medical and psychological status does not allow them to have sex.




This hormone regulates the sexual desire. In some cases of erectile dysfunction. doctors may advise performing tests to determine its concentration in the blood and if it turns out to be low. Then, doctors recommend alternatives to Tostestroter suitable treatment.

Sometimes doctors may prescribe double-treatment with Viagra and testosterone alternatives.

A person who can not take one of these drugs orally may assist a direct injection into the cavernosa (corpora cavernosa) in the blood vessels. The interested person, or his partner, gave an instruction on how to self-inject.

We can also use a special pump. A strong vacuum saved by a loop at the base of the penis.

Another treatment available today. The direct injection of prostadial (an expanded substance into the blood vessels) inside the urethra. It showed satisfactory results during recent scientific research.


Erectile dysfunction surgery.


If all of the above erectile dysfunction treatments fail, we recommend the surgical procedures such as:

Process for implantation of artificial rod.

This surgery is simple and its success rate is very good. The participation of the family doctor in the decision-making process and in the treatment measures greatly increases the chances of success, as well as the willingness of the therapists and their partners to receive treatment.

Revascularization surgery.

Is another surgery available but with relatively low success rates. In some of the few special cases, this can be an effective treatment.

The first doctor (family doctor) should diagnose these cases and, most likely, treat them. However, in every major hospital there are clinics specializing in the treatment and weakness of erectile dysfunction.


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