Sex, What Men Want and What a Women Want!


Men imagine big breasts, women lying on wool. Men want penetration at the moment, but women ask for foreplay. Man does not care about rumen when having sex. The woman attaches great importance to the buttocks. Sexologists explain: What are the differences between men and women in ways of having sex?

Differences between men and women exist in many areas of life: food, entertainment, perceptions about money, cleanliness – and – they are also present in ways of having sex.

Men imagine big breasts, women imagine wool, men want sex now, women want foreplay, men eager to have oral sex, women to the ambient atmosphere.

The differences lie in the different physical structure between men and women and social education. Yes, but generalizing that there are differences between men and women with regard to ways of having sex may wrong many women and men.

This is because many women specifically want sex and behave more “masculine”. On the other hand, there are quite a few men who have a direct and strong sexual relationship with them, such as women.

But, however, we tried to figure out the difference in how to have sex between the sexes. We wanted to examine the differences in the “excitation” factors of men and women, who cared more about the surrounding atmosphere during sex, what were the differences in fantasies, and what did the parties expect in the first encounter?


The difference in libido between men and women.


Sexologists show that there is a fundamental difference between men and women with regard to sexual desire. Men have a higher level of testosterone so they want to have sex all the time.

Women also have testosterone, but when women change the menstrual cycle of the hormonal cycle, so that there are days increase their sexual desire, and there are days when there is a decrease in libido.

Some women have hormonal problems so their sexual desire is high all the time. On the contrary, they have no sexual desire at all.

Sexual desire in women is also related to the man who has sex with him and the ways of having sex. If a man knows how to fondle, grants love looks at the eyes, appreciates, he can raise women more.

There are men who have a strong sexual desire and make them act like animals, instinctively, not out of love. This alienates women. This damages the relationship and distinguishes between men and women.

A specialist shows that a man’s passion appears during sex. While women’s emotions are present before sex. In order to show the emotion of men, he needs to have sex, and after sex becomes a man more emotionally open.

Women want passion first, and then sexual attraction occurs. To excite a woman should talk to her passion. For example, compliment them. Women who are spidered behave quite differently from those that are treated as a tool.

The sexual therapist adds that strong sexual desire in men makes their fantasies concentrated in sex only.

The fantasies of men usually focus on sex, focusing on the sexual process itself. On the other hand, fantasies in women are more concentrated in the intimate relationship, romantic, sensual, and not the sexual process itself. Men imagine sex – women imagine romance.


Sexual excitement in men and women.


It is assumed that there is a fundamental difference between men and women in the way in which sexual desire is aroused. “In men, physical gravity works – when a beautiful girl sees excitement and erection.

When a woman is not yet known how the mechanism works and how sexual excitement occurs. If they had known they would have been available now, Viagra for women.

When women enter the equation additional factors. For example, how was the first sexual experience of women and what ‘taste’ she had left?

Sex in men is an instinct. A man is always ready to have sex and is easily aroused, but in women, sex is a reaction, a reaction to the emotional and emotional process she experiences after getting to know a man.


The difference in foreplay before sex.


Sexologists believe men need fewer caresses: “In men, the focus is on sexual organs, they go directly to their organs and their sexual partners, while the focus on women is more on the limbs – until women reach their sexual organs, they need to caress long.

In women, foreplay is more important to reach the state of sexual arousal. For example, some women want to hug, spinning, feeling affectionate, romantic and so on. In men, all these things are less important, usually.

Men tend to skip the stage of foreplay because they want to enter, to satisfy their lust. Women need to caress in order to enter the sexual process. Without caressing, many women feel that they are like a tool. Today, there has been a clear change and young people are becoming more aware of the need for women to play.


The effect of the general atmosphere of sex.


Women need an appropriate atmosphere to enter the sexual process. The low light, so you do not see the defects, the music … They want the husband to be clean and tidy, to be a party full of feelings, to have no other thoughts and things to worry about. Do I do tomorrow?

Women are multi-tasking. They can think of a thousand things during sex, yet they enjoy it.

But in men, everything works more simply, they do not need a special atmosphere. For them, this is too much. They also do not need an atmosphere as appropriate as women to get erections and sexual arousal.


The role of society in establishing differences.


Social education causes differences between men and women. The community sends different messages to men and women, from an early age.

For example, women often find it more difficult to have oral sex, or to get this kind of sex. Women who want to have oral sex often look at themselves and society sees them as falling, and so on.

Women find it even harder to accept oral sex. Some are even disgusted by their sexual organs and think, “Why does a man want to play with my sexy friend because he is disgusting?”

Some women think to themselves: If you are a woman having sex, or in private places – at sea, in the kitchen, on the washing machine, what does that mean to me, what will they think of me, only prostitutes and hiccups do.

By contrast, men are more connected to sex and their sexual partner. It is easier for them to have oral sex. Men allow themselves more to enjoy all the time and everywhere. They do not think what society or women will think of them if they have oral sex, for example.


Men from Mars and women from Venus.


Man is allowed to be Don Juan. Men do not have social taboos or negative messages from society. They have social legitimacy.

Experts add that men who teach them how to conquer, get things in life, and so do sex, get women and sleep with them.


How do differences between men and women affect the first encounter?


In theory, in most cases, a man wants to have sexual intercourse since the first encounter and even before his marriage. While women do not do so, in part because society has decided that if a woman agrees to intercourse in the first encounter, she is considered a prostitute. Fortunately, in practice, our society does not allow such cases and does not apply on the ground.

Men want intercourse because the girl likes them in terms of appearance. But women do not usually agree to accept men if they think the man does not fit them, even if they look beautiful in their eyes.


Finally, how do all these differences affect the marital relationship?


Differences between men and women in terms of sexuality, and in everything else in life, can affect three different forms: either the difference leads to the disintegration of the relationship, the difference leads to conflicts within the relationship, or the couple makes a mature dialogue, Center.

The compromise is a waiver. If a man wants to have sex seven times a week, and women once a week, the compromise will be four times a week, almost.

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