Big News Coming Soon + The Feather on YouTube

Matilda is working on some very exciting things! Stay close to this blog to hear our big announcement coming soon!


Going forward we will try to have Matilda Mondays, when we update this blog with whatever is going on in Matilda's life. Let us know in the comments what kinds of things you would like to know!

This week, Matilda launched a new YouTube video called Alien Cat Matilda and the Feather. Matilda loves her yellow feather... a lot. Even if she can't see it very well, she's still a very skilled huntress and catches that thing every time. As I write this she is using those skills to track a fly that's stuck on the wrong side of the patio door. All good aliens know that you have to practice to stay sharp. Don't forget to subscribe to Matilda's channel to let us know that you want more Matilda videos!

Finally, big thanks to everyone who has donated to Paws for Hope and the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies! We are still far from our goal, but anything raised at all is a pawsitive thing! Visit the Fundraising tab of this website to learn more.