National Adoption Weekend

Hiya friends!

Keeping up a Matilda blog is not so easy as it turns out. She is just so busy!

This weekend was National Adoption Weekend in the US and Canada. In preparation, all of our social media posts were dedicated to helping raise awareness around adopting pets and celebrating GotchaDay. When PetSmart asked us if we would be willing to help out by doing this, we said "Yes!" When the question came up as to whether it would be possible to take Matilda to a store to have her photo taken, the answer was a very wishy-washy "We're not sure..."

Matilda is an indoor cat. She was losing her sight when we moved into our apartment a year ago, and she's very good at navigating her own territory, but other environments are another story. I took her to the lobby of our building in June to get the mail, which involved an elevator ride, and she completely freaked out. We thought she would just have to be a little homebody forever.

But when it was a question of helping to support something we believe in, we wanted to try again. The idea was to get her a well-fitting harness  and a leash so she could comfortably explore while still feeling safe. So, off we went.

I beelined it to the cat harnesses, cradling her like a little baby. I had to put her down to pick one out, and had all these scary visions of her freaking out and trying to run away, but not knowing where to go.

So carefully, I set her down and... she sniffed and rolled around and took a few exploratory steps. It was like she'd been waiting for that moment her whole life. NBD.

She wasn't scared. She wasn't even nervous or a little bit skittish. It was like she owned the place. She found a nearby cat tree and set herself up there to listen to her surroundings while I shopped. She let strangers pet her and scratch her neck and listened to them gush about how special she is.

And when I put her in a harness she didn't even flinch. She just carried on. I scooped her up, paid, and we left the store, Matilda in her new outfit. She walked on her leash all the way from the car and back up to the elevator to our unit, this time not scared at all.

And for all the fuss I've heard about how hard it is to get a cat to walk on a leash... well I guess the lesson here is that Matilda is not an ordinary cat.

We went back to PetSmart again on the weekend and got to see some cats meeting their new families. PetSmart had a goal of helping 17 000 adoptable animals find their families this weekend, and if we had even a tiny part in that we would be so happy!

We hope everyone enjoyed our posts for National Adoption weekend, and even better, we hope that some of you were inspired to take home a critter of your own!