Peter Duggan is slackbastard

Peter Duggan is Antifa blogger @ndy fleming aka slackbastard.


Yep, they’re tights.


It turns out Andy Fleming is an unemployed, disabled former librarian who likes wearing tights. You just can’t make this shit up.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Let’s go through the evidence.

Like an old skool Gen-Xer, Andy Fleming aka slackbastard uses a Yahoo email.


slackbastard email


Chummy Fleming was an anarcho-Marxist in the early part of the 20th century in Melbourne. He was one of the founders of the Melbourne Anarchist Club, which remains a hub for Antifa to this day. This is the type of useless fact only inner-Melbourne communist degenerates would know, so that limits our search to about 1 million.

Early on, Andy Fleming aka slackbastard liked to use the name Chummy Fleming. Here is his Flickr account.


slackbastard Flickr


Andy Fleming aka slackbastard used it until 2011. We can see that it’s Andy’s as he uploaded images from the slackbastard blog at the same time as he published them.


Chummy Fleming Flickr 1

slackbastard Flickr 1

slackbastard Flickr 2

slackbastard image 2


There’s also an empty YouTube Channel with the same name. The profile pic which was used for the channel, which never went anywhere (slack…), seems to be a black cat named Lulu. The first photo uploaded to the Chummy Fleming Flickr account was of a ‘cute’ black pussy named Lulu.


slackbastard YouTube

slackbastard cat lulu


It was also the name chosen for a short-lived Twitter account at the beginning of 2016. Note the job description.


Chummy Fleming Twitter


Peter Duggan pretty much is the Australian branch of the IWW. It’s a fake job title he’s given himself since he lost his job. More on that later. This screenshot is from a slacktivist online petition. Appropriate.


Peter Duggan IWW


Chummy Fleming is also the name Andy Fleming aka slackbastard uses on in his role as organiser for the Melbourne Anarchist Bookfair. He uses the same email on the site as on slackbastard.


Chummy Fleming

Chummy Fleming email


Which is an event slackbastard promotes every year.


slackbastard Melbourne Anarchist Bookfair


Except for when Peter Duggan was manning the IWW stall there in 2015.


Peter Duggan Melbourne Anarchist Bookfair


So we know for sure then that Andy Fleming aka slackbastard uses the name Chummy Fleming. But does Peter Duggan?


Peter Duggan bandcamp




Peter Duggan Facebook profile


Awww sheeeit.


Peter Duggan doxxed


And on Mixcloud.


Peter Duggan Mixcloud


Here’s where else you can find him to learn more about anarchy or workers or whatever.



How are you feeling, Peter? Is your pulse racing? Do you feel a little cold, as though time stopped? That’s shock. It’ll pass. You’ve done this to so many people, surely you don’t mind it being done to you, right?

I really hope you’re OK.

So now we know then who Andy Fleming is, let’s find out more about Peter. It turns out he and his wife are quite fond of putting information about themselves up on the internet.

Not a great move if you’re fighting the fash, guys.

Peter started out with a punk show on 3CR, then when the station booted him he started the blog.

Peter is unemployed and struggles with depression and anxiety. The HR department at his previous workplace even contacted his doctors asking if they thought he was capable of doing his job or was a threat to his colleagues.

That’s really bad.

Peter eventually lost his job due to absenteeism and then blamed it on workplace bullying. The stress must have been a contributing factor to his painful gallstones in January this year.


Peter Duggan gallstones


Well, that and the bohemian Victorian lifestyle Peter, amirite?


Peter Duggan alcoholic


Peter wasn’t a happy chappy after that gall bladder incident, not even on his birthday.


Peter Duggan Happy Birthday!


Can I make a suggestion, Peter? Exercise can help.


Peter Duggan muscle wastage


That’s pretty bad muscle wastage on those arms, Peter. How are you going to #bashthefash with arms like that?

It’s been a pretty rough year, overall. Being a sole provider has been hard for his wife. They might even lose their townhouse.


Peter Duggan financial hardship


Despite all of this, Peter still took the time to pay tribute to that fat chick who died of a heart attack in Charlottesville. She was a fellow Wobbly or something.


Fat Heather Heyer


That really puts the ‘solid’ into #solidarity.

Now you might be asking yourself, dear reader (particularly if you’re Antifa scum), why go to so much trouble to doxx Andy Fleming?

It’s not just revenge, although that might well be part of it. It’s because slackbastard, and all of the associated Antifa networks which have spread across Australia, are dangerous to the stability of our political system going into the future. Australia does not need European-style, paramilitary political groups shutting down healthy, nationalist expression because of some utopian ideology. That type of shit leads to civil unrest, dictatorships and death camps.


Peter Duggan Antipodean Resistance
An explicit call to political violence on social media by Peter Duggan.


That’s what you communist larpers in Antifa are pushing for, whether you realise it or not. You people think you’re a revolutionary vanguard, fighting for the powerless. You are deceived. You are not attack dogs for the downtrodden; you are the guard dogs of a globalist establishment which seeks to destroy the liberty and sovereignty of the peoples of the world.

You are stooges for cronies like Soros and you must be stopped peacefully before you bring about the destruction of this country.

Around the world, Antifa are militarising. And communist blogs such as slackbastard are increasingly used by far left journalists as sources for their stories.


John Safran telling Antifa how to #bashthefash.


Dangerous radicalisation is occurring in Australia, but it’s not being driven by the nationalist right. It’s being driven by a neo-Marxist elite who have been in control of our education system for 50 years, and believe fanatically that Western civilisation and the white people who built it need to be destroyed to free humanity.

These people are fucking nuts and they’re in charge. Everyday people must begin to speak up against this anti-Australian agenda.

The credit for the unmasking of Andy Fleming doesn’t belong to me. It’s been a long labour by many outstanding nationalists over the years. Particular credit has to go to the autistes on #dingotwitter and the Esoteric Order of 33rd Degree Lathamists. You know who you are.

So now you’ve doxxed me Peter, and I’ve doxxed you. We’re square. Let’s leave it there. I know you anarcho-communists are into political violence, but we white nationalists aren’t. We don’t need to be. Our ideas and our looks are better than yours, so we’re going to win.

I really hope your health improves Peter, and that you can find a way to be a breadwinner again. Depression is a bitch. Go and grab one of your pussies and give it a pat. You might feel better.