Description of CNG

CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is a compressed form of natural gas, mainly composed of methane (CH4) that can be used as an alternative energy for fossil fuel such as: Marine Fuel Oil (MFO), Diesel Fuel, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) or Gasoline (Petrol). CNG is made by compressing natural gas obtained from pipeline. It is stored and distributed in tube skids (CNG Storage Modules) at a pressure of 200 – 250 bar (2900 – 3600 psi). 


CNG Application

CNG can be used in industries, power plants, malls, hotels, apartments, restaurants, etc. It is used mainly as energy or heat producer for equipments such as: boilers, furnaces, ovens and gas-fueled power generators / turbins.


CNG Storage Modules

CNG Storage Modules consist of high pressure cylinders interconnected with one another. There are 2 types of CNG Storage Modules based on their dimensions. The 20-ft CNG Storage Modules and the 10-ft CNG Storage Modules. These Storage Modules are mounted on trailers according to their respective dimensions.  Big volume customers are supplied by the 20-ft Storage Modules while smaller volume customers are supplied by 10-ft Storage Modules. 


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