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The Trent/Fleming School of Nursing offers an integrated, collaborative four-year program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.Sc.N.) Degree. We also offer a compressed program for students with sufficient university credits to fast track through the program in less than three years and a post-bridge PN to B.Sc.N at George Brown College. Each program has a science base in anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, microbiology, pathophysiology and research methods. Theoretical courses provide the foundation for the study of concepts underlying the art and science of nursing.

Opportunities for practical application of theoretical principles are offered throughout the program. The program exposes students to a variety of contexts within which nursing care is delivered in today's world. The curriculum is intended to move the student through an understanding of the self as client to the provision of care to others: namely, individuals, families, communities and other groups. Practicum opportunities stress a holistic approach to care delivery, recognizing that the nurse must assess the needs of the client and encourage, advocate for, and support the client's quality health care.

Various teaching methods are used in the program, including lectures, labs and seminars for theory courses and case studies and simulations for nursing courses.

Students may choose to develop a specific focus within the program (e.g. aging, mental health, Indigenous health, rural health, and women's and gender issues) through careful selection of elective courses. Students can consult with the Academic Coordinator for help in selecting courses to ensure that all prerequisites are met.


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