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    Aug 11
  2. 1 hour ago
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    And this gem, "it is not clear how a *private digital currency* at the center of a large-scale payment system would behave"

  3. 1 hour ago

    “They don’t really matter today,” Powell said. “They’re just not big enough.” Said a rep from an institution that has *never* seen a crisis coming. He might as well have said, 'It's contained.'

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    5 hours ago
  6. 5 hours ago

    Korea just had a 20% drop and feels like no one noticed. 25M KRW to 20M. Now sitting at 50% 22.5M.

  7. 6 hours ago

    If were to be seen as a religion, maybe with Satoshi as prophet, would bitcoin gains be tax exempt?

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    7 hours ago

    Max Keiser explains in 1 minute. Says price is 10x from here and slams Warren Buffett and Jamie Dimon.

  9. 7 hours ago

    It feels like we need to shake the tree. I wonder if newbs can hold back to $10k?

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    "Wall Street banks push back on launch of bitcoin futures" claiming bitcoin futures "did not allow for proper public transparency and input." Has this ever happened, ever, with another product??

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    13 hours ago

    So spends 2 years shaming hardworking Core devs, meanwhile they can't even implement Segwit in *over a year?!* What did think, we'd just forget his hand in the attacks on bitcoin?

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    12 hours ago

    "It's not a bubble, it's a leak". Great concept from One-on-One w/Andy Hoffman - Episode 13 - Special Guest Ansel Lindner

  14. 12 hours ago

    As I understand it, to hedge a short position on CME/CBOE you have to buy . Are those market makers buying this price up?

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    16 hours ago

    I'd sure like to be a fly on the wall in the CBOE and CME conference rooms today.

  16. 12 hours ago

    Wait for it.

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    18 hours ago

    Bitcoin is not a bubble. It is a fundamental replacement technology, where the technology being replaced is Central Bank issued Fiat Money.

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  19. 13 hours ago
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    Everyday stays on its current path, is making it a less valuable acquisition. Signups be damned. Eth is going to the potato because of RSK, the network is freeing coins via lightning, and localbitcoins et al hitting record vol.

  20. 13 hours ago
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    Armstrong is making a mistake if he thinks ethereum and non-segwit increase the value of his company. They need to innovate now to an open L2.

  21. 13 hours ago

    It's going to take a couple years, but is through with its current business model. Enterprise custodian is in their future. If they aren't acquired by Wall St.

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