Hellenic Aggregator for Europeana.

The OAI-PMH aggregator created by Veria Central Public Library is harvesting selected Greek repositories & digital libraries and is making available their content to Europeana.


The contributing parties to this project are currently:

  1. Pandektis - National Documentation Center of Greece
  2. Medusa - Veria Central Public Library
  3. The Historical Archives of the American Farm School of Thessaloniki
  4. Technical Chamber of Greece Regional Department of Corfu
  5. Central Library of NTUA
  6. Music Library - Lilian Voudouri
  7. Corgialenios Digital Library
  8. University of Athens - Pergamos
  9. Hellenic Ministry of Education - Educational Television
  10. Anatolia College - Digital Archives & Special Collections
  11. Technical Chamber of Greece - Library
  12. Serres Central Public Library
  13. Levadia Central Public Library
  14. Athos Memory
  15. National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation - Hellenic Literary and Historical Archive (E.L.I.A.)
  16. Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation - Travelogues
  17. NOESIS -Thessaloniki Science Centre & Technology Museum

Contact Information

Veria Central Public Library
Phone: 23310-24494
Fax: 23310-24600
Email: info {at} libver.gr

For technical matters, please contact Vangelis Banos, email: vbanos {at} gmail.com

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