Provider Information
Provider Name Address 1 Address 2 City State Zip
Alphabet Academy 6355 Beechtree DR West Des Moines IA 50266
  Mail Address 1 Mail Address 2 City State Zip
  6355 Beechtree DR West Des Moines IA 50266
Director/Owner Status Phone Fax Number
, Active (515) 223-1387
License/Registration Issue Date Provider Type QRS Level Approved to Accept Child Care Assistance?
11/1/2016 Licensed Center 3 Yes
Type of Care Capacity
Licensed Center 141
Current Vacancies
Infant/Toddler: 12+Preschool: 50+School Age:
Age Group Amount Time Rate
Infant (up to 24 months) Half-Day 24.50
Infant (up to 24 months) Daily 49.00
Infant (up to 24 months) Weekly 234.00
Preschool (24 to Kindergarten) Half-Day 21.00
Preschool (24 to Kindergarten) Daily 42.00
Preschool (24 to Kindergarten) Weekly 204.00
School Age (K and up) Half-Day 15.00
School Age (K and up) Daily 30.00
School Age (K and up) Weekly 150.00
Hours of Operation
Day Start End
Monday 6:30AM 6:00PM
Tuesday 6:30AM 6:00PM
Wednesday 6:30AM 6:00PM
Thursday 6:30AM 6:00PM
Friday 6:30AM 6:00PM
License Issue Date Expiration Date Type of Care
11/1/2016 10/31/2018 Licensed Center