Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers – The Ultimate List (N-O-P-Q)

Here is the list of the boutique* bicycle manufacturers, ordered by their name (starting with N, Oi P and Q). If you want to find a unique bike that fits your personality, review this list.

The list is probably not complete, so if you want to contribute, please leave a comment below.


Naked Bicycles

Naked Titanium Road Bike
A Naked titanium road bike. With Enve carbon 2.0 fork, Ultegra 6800 drivetrain, Enve cockpit, Chris King headset, Industry Nine I25TL wheelset, and Continental tires.

Founded by Sam Whittingham in 1988, Naked Bicycles is a custom bicycle manufacturing company creating custom frames.

“The bicycle is the most amazing thing to us. We work with them and ride them every day and yet they never cease to amaze. We love that with a few simple tools, we can create something that will take you around a velodrome in only a few seconds or around the world at just the right speed. It is our goal to build bikes that not only get you from A to B, but make sure you arrive out of breath and with a monster size grin on your face.”

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No. 22

The company is named after titanium, which has an atomic number of 22. It is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

“Our point of departure is frame material: we fell in love with the ride of titanium and named our company after it. We then took to the task of sweating details of fit and finish. Our frames are based on carefully considered geometries and tubing profiles. We use the highest grades of titanium tubing available, build our frames in our own production facility it the United States with our veteran craftsmen, and confidently back them with our ten year warranty. We carry this meticulous approach through to our clean-lined and contemporary finishes that showcase the beauty of raw and anodized titanium. No. 22 is still a young brand, but we are spurred on by the number of passionate cyclists that agree with our approach. With our current lineup we are proud to be producing more bikes that make the destination second to the journey.” –Bryce & Mike, Founders

No. 22 Reactor
The Reactor is intended to be the most race-oriented road frame in the No. 22 lineup. With an emphasis on stiffness, responsive handling and light weight, the Reactor is the perfect titanium stage race tool.
“When developing the Reactor, we set out to increase the already high levels of drivetrain stiffness offered by our versatile Great Divide road bike. To achieve this, the Reactor features an oversized down tube and chain stays, both of which are among the largest offered on a titanium frame. The Reactor’s chain stays are a full 25.4mm in diameter, ovalized to 30mm at the bottom bracket for increased stiffness. When coupled with the bike’s oversized head tube and size-specific butting and tubing sizes, the result is a bike that responds crisply and immediately to hard efforts.”
“There are bikes that make you feel fast, bikes that make you look cool, and bikes that imbue a sense of strength, power and invincibility. Every so often, a bike comes along that carries all of these traits and leaves its rider speechless. No. 22’s Reactor is one of these and one of the challenges when reviewing it is to know where to begin.” — RIDE Cycling Review issue #72, June 2016

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Oddity Cycles

Oddity Cycles road machine
Oddity Cycles road machine

The company was founded by Sean Burns and located in Fort Collins, Colorado, United States. They build mostly mountain bikes and fat bikes, and some interesting road machines (not road racing bikes).

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Officina Battaglin

The Officina Battaglin brand was founded in 2014 by Giovanni Battaglin, the Italian ex-rider who achieved the Giro-Vuelta double in 1981. After a 20-year break, he is now back to brazing steel frames, just like he used to do before aluminum and carbon became the de facto standard for bicycle production. Using the original process and craftsmen , Giovanni Battaglin is reviving his legacy , being the only Italian steel maker to have significant experience riding steel in the pro peloton. The company is located in Viale Vicenza 4/1, Marostica, Italy.

“If you’re after a true Italian handmade steel road frame, you’re more than a little concerned about how and where your steel frame will be built. Every single step of our production process takes place in small workshop in Italy. Our craftsmen will be the only people who will manufacture the frames, following a process we know everything about.”

Officina Battaglin Marosticana
Marosticana is the classic Officina Battaglin steel frame which comes with a chrome-plated finish. It bears the name of the road that crosses the verdant plains at the base of the Venetian foothills and runs through the medieval town of Marostica, where the adventure of Giovanni Battaglin both as a professional rider and an entrepreneur began.
Marosticana is a lugged frameset with a classic look, enhanced by the chrome-plated finish. It’s meant to be built either with vintage or modern components
Giovanni Battaglin
Giovanni Battaglin (born 22 July 1951) is a former Italian professional road racing cyclist.He won both Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a España in 1981. This achievement is notable, because the Vuelta was running before Giro in those years, not in late August like today.
The 1973 Giro d’Italia that began in Verviers in Belgium and was Battaglin’s debut in a grand tour. Battaglin immediately showed promise when he finished third on stage four ahead of Eddy Merckx and José Manuel Fuente. By halfway through the race, Battaglin was sitting in second place overall behind Merckx but lost that placing to Felice Gimondi. Still at the age of 21, the neo-pro astonished the cycling world by finishing third in the race. Battaglin would wear the maglia rosa for five days in the 1975 Giro d’Italia as well as several stage wins and wins in smaller stage races. He also won the King of the Mountains jersey in the 1979 Tour de France, even after he received a penalty for testing positive for doping. Battaglin finished third in the 1980 Giro d’Italia.
The following year on the tenth stage mountain time trial of the 1981 Vuelta a España which was on the long climb to Sierra Nevada, Battaglin won the stage and took over the leader’s jersey. The only threat to Battaglin’s lead was Pedro Muñoz. Battaglin and his Inoxpran team withstood the challenge from the Spanish and brought Battaglin to his first grand tour victory. Three days later after Battalin’s triumph in Spain on 13 May 1981, he began the 1981 Giro d’Italia. On the 19th stage toward the end of the race, Battaglin won the stage to Mareo and took the maglia rosa from Silvano Contini. He withstood the final test – the final stage’s individual time trial to win the race in Verona ahead of Tommy Prim. Battaglin was only the second rider after Eddy Merckx to win the Vuelta-Giro double. In the space of one and a half months, Battaglin won two of the grand tours.

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Paketa Magnesium Bicycles

The company is located in Lafayette, Colorado, United States. Jp Burow is the owner, designer, and frame builder of Paketa Custom Bicycles. He started Morgul Bismark Bicycles and ran Rainbow Cycle craft paint shop with his brother Mark. He began welding Magnesium frames for Paketa in the early 2000s then purchased the company in 2008.

Each bike built by Paketa is completely customized to the individual. They hand pick the tube sets for each rider to optimize weight, strength, durability, and ride quality. While your frame is being fabricated, they will work directly with you to choose the best components for your cycling needs. They also offer electronic or cable shifting, rim brakes or disc brakes, wide ranges of tire clearances, precision hand built wheels, and anything else you can think of.

Paketa Road Bike
Paketa Road Bike

According to the company:

“Magnesium is the lightest structural metal currently available in the world, which means a Paketa magnesium bike frame is extremely lightweight. We can build complete road bikes as light as 13 pounds! (5.9 kg)”

Because magnesium has the highest known damping capacity of any structural metal – as much as 10 times greater than steel, titanium, or aluminum – the ride is truly amazing. Vibration from the road literally disappears within the structure of the frame and never reaches the rider, which means you can ride longer with less fatigue.

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Parlee Cycles

Parlee Altum LE
Parlee Altum LE

Parlee Cycles was founded by Bob Parlee in 2000. The company is located in Beverly, Massachusetts, United States. The company builds custom handmade carbon bicycles. Mr. Parlee has 20+ years of experience in the boat-building business, which helped him to understand the capabilities of composite materials.

“Carbon fiber is perfect for building bikes because it has such a high strength-to-weight ratio—and that’s why it doesn’t make sense to focus on styling, which just adds weight and reduces ride quality. It’s akin to putting fins on a car. They may look cool, but they don’t make the car faster. Instead, our guiding principle is efficiency. We use carbon fiber strategically to achieve a certain level of performance. To create a bike specifically for you that does exactly what it’s intended to do—whether that’s road racing, daily training rides, cyclocross or all-day epics.”

“Targeted performance meets tailor-made fit. That’s what defines a Parlee bike.” –Bob Parlee

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Pedalino Bicycles

Located in Lenexa, Kansas, United States, Pedalino Bicycles was founded by Julie Ann Pedalino. She started custom frame building after ten plus years working as a fine artist and graphic designer. She says her focus is on fit for all riders, but especially for the smaller riders who struggle to find a production frame that fits well.

“Besides fit and function, my other very strong interest is in creating frames with a bit of panache! Custom isn’t just about performance – it’s about self expression, the mystique of the handmade object, the creative process: aesthetics, design, and beauty. We spend so much time on on our bikes, why not ride one that speaks to body, mind, and soul?” –Julie Ann Pedalino

Pedalino 650c road bike
Pedalino 650c road bike. Tube set: Columbus Zona. Hand cut bi-laminate lug at the seat tube / top tube junction. Custom fork for 650c wheel size. Paint by Travis Caw at Ken Smith Auto Body. SRAM Red E-Tap drivetrain, HED Ardennes wheels, Supacaz bar tape, Selle SMP saddle.

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Dario Pegoretti is one of the most respected master framebuilders in the world. The Italian bicycle framebuilder is based in Caldonazzo, outside the town of Trento, in the Dolomites.

Pegoretti uses only steel and aluminum to create his frames, having used tubes from Excel, Dedacciai, and most recently Columbus. He has also created custom paint and graphics designs for customers. The ‘ciavate’ paint scheme is entirely hand-painted by Dario and originally drew inspiration from Jean-Michel Basquiat (December 22, 1960 – August 12, 1988), the American artist. And each Ciavete paind schema is unique, as Pegoretti says on his web site: “Please don’t ask for a reproduction of a Ciavete paint scheme you’ve previously seen, as the idea behind Ciavete is for each frame to be a unique work.”

Pegoretti Responsorium Ciavete
A Pegoretti Responsorium Ciavete – equipped with Campagnolo 80th Anniversary Groupset. Tubing: Columbus XCr stainless steel. To see more of this wonderful bike, visit

Pegoretti designed and built frames that were ridden by Miguel Indurain, Marco Pantani, Stephen Roche, Claudio Chiappucci, Mario Cipollini, and Andrea Tafi among others. For example, 1994 would be the last year the Tour de France was won on a steel bike, this time an Oria-tubed, TIG-welded machine badged as a Pinarello but rumored to have been made under contract by Dario Pegoretti.

Pegoretti won the President’s Choice award at the 2007 North American Handmade Bicycle Show and framebuilder of the year at the 2008 show.

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Founded in 1967, Cicli Pelizzoli is based in Curno, Bergamo, Italy. Their bikes are 100 handmade built in Italy. The famous Ciocc bicycles was started by Giovanni Pelizzoli himself. According to Pelizolli, Ciocc was a nickname (“Poker Face” in the dialect around Bergamo) given to himself, his father, and his grandfather – so he put it on his bikes. In 1977, amateur racer Claudio Corti won the U23 Worlds in San Cristobal, Venezuela on a Ciocc. The company’s signature model was called the “San Cristobal”, to honor this achievement.

During the 70’s and 80’s, the Polish National Team used Ciocc bikes, and at the 1980 Olympics in Moscow, Czeslaw Lang of Poland rode a Ciocc to a second place finish in the 189 km individual road race. Afterwards, Pelizzoli started to build a model known as the “Mockba 1980.”

In 1980, Pelizzoli sold the Ciocc name. In 1983, he began building frames under the Pelizzoli name. Today, Pelizzoli builds a few of his own frames, but he is primarily known for his amazing paint jobs. His frame painting company is called TITAAC and along with his own frames, he paints Guerciotti frames and also builds some aluminium frames for Guerciotti.

Pelizzoli Leggenda For3 Pista
Pelizzoli Leggenda For3 Pista. Image:

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Peter Mooney Cycles

Peter Mooney road bike
A Peter Mooney road bike

Peter Mooney Cycles is a part of Wheelworks, in Belmont, Massachusetts, United States. Peter has played a major role in developing Wheelworks into one of New England’s premiere bicycle retailers. He and like-minded partners opened the first Wheelworks store in 1977. He is still building bicycle frames, catering to a market that appreciates a hand-built, lugged or filet-brazed frame.

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Philosophy Bicycle Co.

Philosophy road bike
A Philosophy road bike

Located in Denver, Colorado, United States, Philosophy Bicycle Co. builds custom steel frame road, gravel, and cyclocross bikes. Each frame is custom tailored to the rider and handcrafted.

The company won Best New Builder award at 2015 North American Handmade Bicycle Show.

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Pogliaghi Italcorse Milano

Pogliaghi black
Pogliaghi black

Founded by Sante Pogliaghi, the company is based in Milan, Italy. Alcide Basso acquired the brand in 1993. Sante Pogliaghi saw in the young but already experienced frame maker his natural follower. He passed to Alcide his designs, his special made lugs and seals, the beautiful fork crowns and brake bridges. Those were the years of the development of carbon frames and just few appreciated the characteristics of steel frames. This legacy has been preserved by Alcide Basso until today, when at last many are rediscovering the noble material such as steel frames.

The idea of Alcide Basso is to maintain the same philosophy of Sante Pogliaghi: to propose not only custom bikes, but to offer bikes which are “sewn on”.

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Portus Cycles

Portus road bike
Portus road bike

The German company was founded in 2014 and located in Pforzheim. They build custom handmade steel bicycles.

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Quiring Cycles

Quiring stainless steel road bike
Quiring stainless steel road bike. Stainless basically has the same Modulus of Elasticity as steel. Therefore, it has a very similar feel to legendary steel frames. The stainless is rust resistant so it requires less concern for corrosion. This in turn means the metal of the frame can be left raw to save weight. Thus, one can expect the weight of a stainless frame to be closer to that of titanium, but the liveliness closer to that of a high-quality steel frame.
Stainless tubing used in Quiring custom frames is drawn into very thin butted walls to save weight. Based on data provided by the tubing manufacturers, what it lacks in wall thickness is made up by an amazing tensile strength. This stainless steel base metal has a breaking strength of an incredible 200,000 psi or more. Or, in other words, it is 500% more than the tensile strength of typical aluminum alloys, and a little more than 60% stronger in tensile strength when compared with 3/2.5 titanium in a cold-worked-stress-relieved state.

Quiring Cycles was founded in 1999 by Scott Quiring, who is an avid cyclist since 1987. He started racing in 1989. In around 1992, he got his first exposure to framebuilding from a company called Greendale Bicycle Co., which was local to his area, and they produced Quiring a custom race bike. He quickly discovered that the custom bike in every way outperformed his previous off-the-shelf bikes. The 1996/1997 season was a big year for Quiring as he raced professionally on the Bianchi-Martini Racing Team, which was an international team that traveled around the States and the World to compete in National and World Cup events.

When the team became defunct at the end of 1997, Quiring decided he needed to build a frame to his specs for racing and get back the feeling that his first custom provided. After many years of hard work that followed, Quiring Cycles, LLC, was finally formed in 1999 in order to make high-quality bicycles.

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Other manufacturers


* According to the wikipedia, “boutique manufacturing is a method used for the custom production of certain products in limited quantities by hand or with a restricted level of automation.”. (Boutique manufacturing on wikipedia)


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