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Cahuita Wildlife Animals

We have learnt plenty of things about nature and wildlife of this magnificent place, and above all, we have transmitted those knowledges to the guests of the hotel.

We are delighted to be able to recognize the song of the toucans, since so many visitors dream to see that bird once in their life. Therefore, and although their voice is not so melodious, it allows us to spot them in the trees of the garden and thus show them to our guests. Also, a motionless hummingbird is a real surprise for foreigners who had the wrong impression that this tiny bird would never stop moving his wings. The sloth is also astonishing when he moves fast and everyone had the belief that he could only crawl slowly.

Hotel Kelly Creek Wildlife

We also are proud to give explanations about the trees that we have planted and have become so huge, for example, the ylang-ylang that fills the garden with a marvellous scent at sunset and is home to the roaring howlers that love the grapes of that tree. Also the mango, the avocado, the chestnut, the cacao, the bread-tree, the water- apples, the cotton tree, etc. and of course the coconut palm-trees. Many people are not aware of the different uses of the coconuts and we are happy to explain and open them so that they can try the tasteful water contained in that fruit.

There is not one day without a new discovering. Now we know that the white-faced capuchin monkeys peal the bananas prior to eating them whilst the racoons will eat them whole! and we enjoy sharing all those anecdotes with our guests.

We are convinced that the major attraction of our hotel is that the wildlife comes to us and therefore our guests can enjoy it, even from their breakfast table or the chair of their veranda or even from the inside of their room facing the ocean and the footbridge to the National Park.