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Advanced Machine Vision Solutions

Efficiently identify, inspect and detect defects to deliver top quality to your customers and end users. Leverage 2D and 3D vision technologies to measure and capture surface flaws with unsurpassed precision. Implement turnkey track and trace solutions to meet compliance and traceability requirements.

Integrated Intelligence & Performance

Simplify integration and collaboration though web services, mobile applications and enterprise connectivity. Seamlessly collect image, process and performance data and drive results through big data analytics. Deploy solid (on premise or cloud) database driven solutions with reporting, monitoring and notification services .

Algorithm Development

Make machines and devices smarter through adaptive processing and analysis. Utilize advanced classification techniques to improve your production processes. Implement industry standards and techniques to build, deploy and protect your intellectual property.

Gold Support

Get the support you need when you need it. Leverage industry expertise and innovative thinking to tackle vision, process and traceability challenges.

Need help selecting the optimal machine vision solution?

Let us take a closer look at your vision application or simply get expert feedback on your staging and presentation challenges. We can help you find solutions for inspection, symbology recognition, guidance, identification or even quantify surface displacement measurements on components of various sizes and shapes. Send us your part or product for a complimentary analysis and consultation.

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Smarter Factory with M2M and Enterprise Web Services!

Smart machines can talk! Leverage web services, applications and mobile tools for machine-to-machine, IoT and enterprise collaboration. Connect to process devices, PLC's, HMI's, motion systems and field instrumentation. Deploy cross-platform data connectors and tools with OPC/OPC-UA and a multitude of Industrial protocols like Ethernet/IP, ProfiNet and others. We build advanced integrated solutions for your most challenging applications.

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