SysManSMS Modem Watchdog is a function built into selected high-end GSM modems available from SysMan only. It is designed to alert critical events that no other tools cover. The function has two tasks. The first is to monitor the communication line between the GSM modem and the SysManSMS Server software running on a Windows OS. The second task is to send SMS alert messages to a pre-loaded list of recipients, if the communication fails. The Watchdog function is able to detect if SysManSMS Server fails, if Windows Operating System hangs or crashes, or even if the connected PC loses its mains power. (Requires that the GSM Modem is connected to a UPS powered outlet). If you are using a LAN connected modem, the unique SysManSMS Modem Watchdog will also send you an SMS alert if the LAN breaks.

SysMan delivers the Watchdog function on a selected range of standard GSM modem devices. The modems come with the Watchdog pre-installed and the setup is done in SysManSMS Server Configuration Menu. The unique Modem Watchdog can not be used by other applications.

Watchdog Highlights

  • Pre-loaded into selected Standard GSM Modems from SysMan
  • Send and Receive SMS Messages in normal operation
  • Send emergency alert SMS’s if SysManSMS Server Software Stops
  • Send emergency alert SMS’s if Windows Operating System Stops
  • Send emergency alert SMS’s if Host PC/Server HW breaks
  • Send emergency alert SMS’s if communication cable breaks
  • Send emergency alert SMS’s if PC/Server HW lose its Power Supply