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After almost two and a half years, Van Winkle's is calling it a night. We launched on June 9, 2015 to make sleep journalism a thing. And I think we succeeded, if I do say so myself.

We immersed ourselves in the world of sleep — and dreams and wakefulness and biological rhythms and relaxation and anything else related to the little neurobiological process that keeps us, and every other living species, chugging along — and discovered a wealth of stories to tell. 

We explored the history and culture of the waterbed, the murphy bedthe twin-XL bedthe pull-out bedbed clothesbedtime beauty routinesthe droopy nightcapthe nightlight, nightmaresuppersdownersunder-the-radar cults and, of course, the Ambien walrus

We dug in to parasomniasPost Traumatic Sleep Disorders, sleep deprivationsleep paralysis, sleeping beauty syndrome and all sorts of maladies and struggles related to insufficient and shoddy sleep. 

We provided accounts of, and insight into, sleeping in a triadsleeping in lovesleeping while adorablesleeping with siblings, babies and petssleeping in segmentssleeping in sockssleeping near fanssleeping on Ambiensleeping amid noise, sleeping with anxiety and depression, sleeping on the subwaysleeping upside downsleeping in the futuresleeping in the past, sleeping before a wedding, sleeping latesleeping in spandexsleeping on the job, and not being able to sleep, ever

We showcased the work of sleep experts and enthusiasts who are hacking sleep and dreams to boost creativity and performanceuproot biaseserase traumatic memories and generally get acquainted with trippy states of consciousness.  

We broke down data on sleep health and habits according to gender, marital status, sexual orientation, age, incomeimmigration status, nationalitygeographic location, decade and chronotype, among other differences, both socially constructed and biologically essential.

We highlighted how sleep changes in the face of natural disasters, economic crisis, shifting social norms, growing technology dependence and evolving cognitive capabilities

We gave dreams their due, too, with stories on sociologically informativemeaningfulmemorableconfusinginfluential, scary, therapeuticdaytime and lucid dreams.  

I think you get the idea: We covered sleep exhaustively. And now it's time for VW's to hit the sack. But I'm not leaving sleep behind entirely. Starting today, I'll be working at Woolly, a brand-new website, also published by Casper, focused on comfort and wellness. It (almost) goes without saying that sleep is an integral part of getting comfy and being well. So, rest assured, Woolly will feature regular sleep coverage. (Please come visit me at my new editorial home!) 

Seeing Van Winkle's through each stage of its evolution has been a rewarding and exciting experience, due in large part to the many people who worked hard to keep the sleep-journalism machine running. I want to thank the sources who lent us their knowledge, time and perspective, the Van Winkle's staff members and freelancers who filled the site with thoughtfully written and thought-provoking #content, and Casper. 

And, most of all, I'd like to thank our readers. I hope Van Winkle's has helped you understand, appreciate and explore the science and culture of sleep. 

Keep on sleepin' on* 

- Theresa

*I've never been able to use this egregiously cheesy sign-off. This may be my last chance, so I'm taking it.