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Law Professor & Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law

Ottawa, Canada
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    Dec 20

    Today I held a press conference in the calling upon Govt 2 reject weakening - & Members of are recommending u get more -I say no. We pay enough 4 access-unwanted SPAM & compromised privacy shld not be part of the deal

  2. Dec 20

    RT : " users in Canada and the European Union are excluded. The social network doesn’t use technology in those regions, due to wariness from regulators":

  3. Dec 20

    Do as I say, not as I do: U.S. Conservative groups urge USTR to reject copyright balance provisions in NAFTA. Warn that Canada and Mexico might adopt fair use rules, just like those found in the U.S.

  4. Dec 20

    Fantastic work from , which persuaded the Finance Committee to recommend government funding for open educational resources

  5. Dec 20
  6. Dec 20

    Copyright Act review letter from and now online. I wrote about how the letter helps frame the review here

  7. Dec 20

    RT : I just uploaded Bell Media Appeal of CRTC Super Bowl Simsub Policy to FCA Decision December 2017 to

  8. Dec 20
  9. Dec 20
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    Dec 20

    A nice annual reminder of why Canada should hold onto its life+50yrs copyright term in the face of international pressure to extend it. +70 is not just a number.

  11. Dec 19
  12. Retweeted

    Breaking: Bell loses appeal of CRTC simsub Super Bowl ruling. More to come soon, but for now, this comment from court kinda sums it up

  13. Dec 19

    I spoke to to discuss wireless pricing in Canada and the spark of competition we’ve seen over the past few days. Interview starts at 3:50.

  14. Dec 19

    The CRTC’s DigiCancon, Part 2: My submission on why net neutrality and new taxes, fees or content blocking would be the wrong way to go

  15. Dec 19

    Fostering a Vibrant Canadian Programming Market: My CRTC Submission Focusing on Net Neutrality and Rejecting New Taxes, Fees or Content Blocking

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    Dec 19

    Upper left: Generous corner Lower right: Greedy corner

  17. Dec 18

    Canada currently negotiating data localization rules in multiple treaties including NAFTA. Last week, an official revealed the Canadian position: only seek right to localize for information held by government or in a government procurement context.

  18. Dec 18

    Canadian Position on Data Localization Rules in Trade Deals Revealed: Protection for Government Data Only

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    In wake of Trudeau's summit no-show, Japan raises possibility of a Trans-Pacific Partnership without Canada via

  20. Dec 18

    .: Google Defeats Worldwide Site Blocking Order in US Court - Federal court issues permanent injunction blocking enforcement of Canadian Equustek order

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