Small Steps, Cold Showers, and Conscious Parenting with Sid Garza-Hillman

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Thumb through just about any parenting book, and you’ll find nearly every chapter focuses on the child.

But that’s the wrong approach, according to friend of NMA Radio Sid Garza-Hillman. Sid believes that building a thriving, healthy family starts with a thriving, healthy parent.

In today’s episode, we sit down with Sid to discuss his brand new book Raising Healthy Parents, and why a vegan nutritionist felt called to write a parenting book.

Oh, and because it’s Sid, we also talk about cold showers, small steps, and counting your breaths. Love that guy.

Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

  • What most parenting books are missing.
  • The health component of parenting.
  • Struggling in front of your children.
  • How to recenter before arriving home from work.
  • Why Sid sits in a cold river.

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  1. Doing the Wim Hof breathing exercises while driving is EXTREMELY dangerous. People pass out all the time doing the exercises. They have warnings all over the Wim Hof classes specifically telling people not to do them while in water (you may drown) or driving (you may kill yourself and other people on the road.)

  2. Conscious parenting is such an important topic. It’s really the root of evolving consciousness. With the right foundation and environment in early childhood the world would be transformed within two to three generations. Thanks!

  3. Ordered the book as soon as I finished the podcast this morning! Super excited. Self-care is a lost art that we all need to reclaim. I’ve had a hard time finding time to do it with an infant and a toddler so I’m anxious to see what the book has to offer .

  4. The parenting content is so educative and productive for my new research. I may also like to other for the book to enable enrich my library. Good job

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