- €2.1m and counting
- 1130 investors and counting
- Already Invesdor's biggest non-IPO round so far
- Return client raising at 4x sh price on prev round
- Digital capital raising at its best!
- #capitalatrisk @Invesdor @prasosltd

Our Focus


Tired of paying a fortune for a Physical Bitcoin? No more. The key strength of Denarium Bitcoin is affordability. Our coins are gift items anyone can afford to give to friends and family. Purchasing is easy with Bitcoin, Altcoins or international bank transfers.


The compact size and simplistic design of Denarium Bitcoin give them great functionality. Redeeming the bitcoins from our coins is easier than ever since the private key inside the coin is printed not only as plain text but also in QR code format.


Our company is a pioneer in the Bitcoin industry and has been in operation since 2012. We operate multiple Bitcoin services. Our coin manufacturing and private key creation processes are strict and trustworthy.


The private keys are created offline with a secure random number generator. Only 1 key is printed per coin and the printer memory is wiped after each batch of keys. The hologram we use on the coin is a high quality custom made security seal.

Physical Bitcoins

Golden Brass Collection

Denarium Bitcoin 10k bits Physical Gold Plated bitcoin

Denarium 1/100 BTC Gold Plated

From: 19,90  ex. VAT
Denarium Bitcoin 100k bits Physical Gold Plated bitcoin

Denarium 1/10 BTC Gold Plated

From: 19,90  ex. VAT

Premium Collection

Denarium 1 BTC Parity Gold Coin

Denarium 1 BTC Gold

From: 2199,00  ex. VAT

Display Collection

Coinbox #1

Coin Box #1

8,90  ex. VAT
Denarium Coinbox #2

Coin Box #2

15,90  ex. VAT
Coinbox #3

Coin Box #3

9,90  ex. VAT
Coinbox #4

Coin Box #4

19,90  ex. VAT

Trusted online & bank payments options

About Us

Trusted Bitcoin services since 2012

We are a first generation Bitcoin startup based in Finland. Prasos was launched in 2012.

In addition to Denarium we operate leading European bitcoin exchange platform Coinmotion and the Finnish bitcoin broker

We also operate the largest Bitcoin ATM network in the Nordics called Bittimaatti.

  • We were one of the largest resellers for the classical Casascius Coins. We have years of experience in regards to physical bitcoins.

  • We are a real company with real people behind it. We have a stellar record of providing trustworthy Bitcoin services for the last 4 years.

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Fast and reliable deliveries to over 250 countries

Our Team

Henry Brade

Chief Executive Officer
For Henry cryptocurrencies are both a hobby and a job. After discovering Bitcoin in the spring of 2011, he got excited about it and studied it thoroughly. Since 2012 Henry has been in the helm of our company. He is one of the key Bitcoin experts in Finland.

Viljami Räisä

Chief Production Officer
Something needs to get done? No worries, Viljami will handle it. He is known as a Bitcoin expert & hobbyist and in his job as the Chief Production Officer he focuses especially on getting things done. He is in charge of product assembly & logistics.

Heidi Hurskainen

Commercial Director
Before entering the world of cryptocurrency, Heidi was in the commercial banking sector and operated as a financial advisor in one of the largest commercial banks in Spain. She is also part of a prominent Spanish fintech platform and actively writes about fintech related issues.

Jaakko Paakkari

Investor / Manufacturing
Jaakko is a Finnish entrepreneur specialized in micro-milling & precision mechanics. He is a shareholder in our company and for Denarium his role is coin manufacturing.

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Frequently asked questions

Where is the product manufactured?

In Finland.

Do you keep a copy of the private key?

No. We print the private key once and after printing we immediately destroy the source file and wipe printer memory. The keys themselves are generated on a computer that is always offline.

The process of assembling a Denarium Bitcoin is a highly supervised. Each phase of assembly that involves the handling of private keys is directly supervised either by Henry Brade (CEO) or Viljami Räisä (CPO), or both.

If you don’t want to take any chances, we now provide a trustless multisig option for some of our coins.

Which countries do you ship to?

Almost all of them. There are however restrictions on which products we can ship, depending on the country:

Europe: All products

North America

– USA: Only “Empty” products

– Canada: All products

South America: All products

Africa: All products

Asia: All products

Australia: All products

The reason we can’t sell coins with loaded bitcoin value to the USA is regulation. We can sell empty coins however which can be loaded by the customer.

If I order now, how long until I get the products?

Our dispatch estimate is 3 business days and the delivery time depends on the shipping method used.

Note! Backorder products have estimated 3-6 weeks delivery time. We process orders sequentially so sooner you order faster you receive.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping cost is calculated by weight, products, and destination country. You can look at the shipping costs for the order after adding the products to the cart.

These are the starting prices for a one 29 mm coin. Some countries, cities and postcode areas may have a higher shipping cost.


– Finland: 5,90 EUR (incl. VAT)

– Other EU countries: 12,47 EUR (incl. VAT)

– Non-EU countries: 22,07 EUR

North America: 18,09 EUR

South America: 25,11 EUR

Africa: 25,11 EUR

Asia: 20,06 EUR

Australia: 28,09 EUR


Which payment methods do you accept?

Payment method Fee
BitPay – (Bitcoin) 0,5 %
CoinPayments – (Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, ETH, ETC, Monero) 4 %
Bank transfer – (Wire and SEPA / Tilisiirto) 5 EUR
PayPal* – (Credit cards or balance) 4 %
* Not in use for L-series (including loaded multisig) and Premium collection products.

Terms of Service

Current Denarium Terms of Service

Is there an affiliate program?

Yes! Login or register to see your referral link. Share your referral link to get rewards when purchases are made by visitors who came through it. You will get a coupon code worth of 2 EUR from every purchase. These coupon codes can be combined.

It is prohibited to make purchases through own referral link. If any violations are detected coupon codes will be deactivated and orders may be canceled.

Can I become a reseller?

Yes! We are in process of building a global reseller network that would enable the purchase of our coins with different payment methods and in physical stores as well. We have our volume discounts public on the product pages already but if you have something special in mind, please email [email protected]

What about a coin with 1 full bitcoin?

Our flagship product with 1 full bitcoin has finally arrived! Check out the Denarium 1 BTC.

Where does the name Denarium come from?

The name is based on the ancient Roman currency system Denarius. We simply switched the end because Denarius is commonly used already.

Do you sell 2-factor coins?

Yes, we do. For all of our new coins there is a multisig option which adds another level of security. When ordering with multisig enabled the coin becomes trustless and therefore extremely secure.

What is the activation and how to do it?

The purpose of the activation is to declare the condition of the coins. All L-series coins reported good will be funded within 24 hours. For the E-series coins, the activation just changes their status to the completed state on the Denarium Database. If coins are reported missing or damaged we will contact the customer to resolve the issue. If a customer does not activate the coins they will be activated automatically after 3 months from the purchase date.

To activate your coins please go to the activation page and fill in your Shipment code and Email code. You will receive your email code to the email address used in your order and shipment code with your package.

Activation is required for funding the coins in your order. Also, it allows you to give us feedback about your shipment. Activation of series E coins is not required but recommended because it helps us to improve our service.

How do I check status and balance of my Denarium coin?

Please use our status tool on the top bar with your coin serial number.

You can also use our official Denarium Bitcoin database. The database is a single file, coin.tsv which contains current status of all Denarium Bitcoins ever produced in tab-separated format.

How to buy them as a gift?

Method 1 (recommended): Order them yourself , complete the activation and give the activated coins personally as a gift in nice gift envelopes (can be selected on a product page without charge).

Method 2: Order them directly to the gift recipient. Please note, that it is highly recommended to make the recipient aware of the upcoming shipment. Some courier companies requires that the recipient receive the package personally. It is also noteworthy that the gift recipient is responsible for the customs duties which may be subjected to the shipment.

Is there a risk of the private key being damaged through peeling off?

It is not possible. The private key is printed in a high durable plastic paper. In addition to the QR code the private key is also printed in a text format.

How many years is the sticker expected to last?

The lifetime of the holograms should be dozens of years as we use the same type of holograms that earliest bitcoin coins that were manufactured in 2011 and they are in good condition still.

Where are the orders shipped from?

All orders are shipped from Finland.

How to spend bitcoins from the coin?

See our page Physical Bitcoins for detailed instructions.