About Kelley

Hi, I’m Kelley.

Oh, sure, you’ve already seen my little introductory snippet over there in the sidebar, but certainly there is more to know, isn’t there? Well, let me see if I can quell your curiosity.

Here is some general information about me:


My cat may or may not approve of my reading habits.

  • I live in Texas, where it is almost always HOT.
  • I moved from the Houston area to the Austin area in summer 2015.
  • I am a certified pastry chef.
  • I am definitely not a vegetarian. (Mmm… meat.)
  • My husband is so good at Magic that he has a fan club.
  • I have a three-legged cat who is very squishy.
  • My day job involves maps, data, science, programming, problem solving, graphic design, writing, and organizing. (It’s pretty awesome.)
  • When it comes right down to it, I just cannot make myself eat raisins.

Here is some categorical information about me:

If you would like to find me elsewhere, here are some options:

I am a member of many bookish sites, for example:

Goodreads | YABC | Shelfari | Epic Reads | Riffle | BookLikes | BookBlogging | FictFact | Literally
You can email me at anothernovelread[at]gmail[dot]com (or just use the contact form).

(I also have a crapload of social media buttons over there in the sidebar.)

Accolades and Thingerjigs

Sometimes cool things happen, like fellow bloggers think I deserve some sort of award, or I join a blog tour, or Macmillan features all the blogs that reviews certain books. Here is where I collect all of my, you know, virtual trophies and stuff.

Blog Awards & Special Features

During the year and a half that I blogged at Another Novel Read, a few blogger friends saw fit to bestow awards upon me, such as the Liebster Award, the Illuminating Blogger Award, the Versatile Blogger Award, the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, and the Super Sweet Blogger Award. It makes me feel special every time.

Sometimes people feature or interview me on their sites, which makes me feel even more special. So far, I’ve made guest appearances in the following places:

Blog Tours and Special Privileges

Sometimes I like to participate in blog tours and cover reveals. While a few of these are orchestrated by the authors themselves, most of them time they are hosted by other bloggers. These blog tour hosts include the lovely Midnight Garden Blog Tours, Xpresso Book Tours, and AToMR Tours. I’m also a NetGalley member with an aboveĀ 80% feedback ratio!

My blog is in the Cinder paperback! My blog is in the SCARLET paperback! Professional Reader 80% Challenge Participant