Beyond Good And Ebil Tools

BFExtractor - A WINDOWS CONSOLE application, for all those who DON'T know the difference between that and an MS-DOS program, heres the difference. IT WONT RUN UNDER MS-DOS. OK, onto the good stuff, it allows you to extract files from the BF file archive used in UBISoft games such as BGAE and POP.

BFExtractorGUI - A Windows GUI "frontend" to go with the console application to provide a decent user interface. Since then i've objectized the file access functionality to be slapped into other programs.

BGAE101Patch - A HARD CORE patch for the BGAE 1.01 Patch, attempts to fix the "crashing" bug in the Central Hall.

BGAEFix - Allows players to fix their save game for the central hall crash.

BIGExtractor - Another WINDOWS CONSOLE application. This one allows people to extract from .big files.

BGAEEdit - Attempt at a Beyond Good And Evil Save game editor. Some people may have problems with it and other will not. There is a reason for this that I will not go into.

I will take suggestions, only if they are shown in code. Post at Dragon Lord Forums