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ESRC Genomics Network

The ESRC Genomics Network (2002 – 2013) was a major initiative by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) examining the social and economic implications of developments in the life sciences. Its activities covered the whole field of genomics, including areas as diverse as plant and animal genetics, embryonic stem cell research, and associated health applications.

The Network consisted of four centres spanning five of the UK’s leading universities.

Three of the four centres continue to operate in some form following the end of the Network in June 2013 but one, the Genomics Forum, no longer exists.


‘Centre for Economic and Social Aspects of Genomics’

Cardiff University and Lancaster University


‘Centre for Genomics in Society’

The University of Exeter

Genomics Forum

‘Genomics Policy and Research Forum’

The University of Edinburgh


‘Centre for Social and Economic Research on Innovation in Genomics’

The University of Edinburgh and the Open University

Now the Institute for Innovation Generation in the Life Sciences



During the eleven years of the Network’s existence, its four centres created a considerable quantity of high-quality outputs, including ...

1750 publications including papers, books, book chapters, briefings and reports

1184 public engagement and policy engagement initiatives (either as originator or as a leading participant)

273 research staff and visiting research fellows were involved

About this archive website

This website exists to record the achievements of the ESRC Genomics Network and to preserve the work of the Genomics Forum (ESRC Genomics Policy and Research Forum), which ceased to exist at the same time as the Network in June 2013.

Innogen, now the Institute for Innovation Generation in the Life Sciences, has a new website. Therefore all pages in its section of this site are forwarded to the new site.

Cesagen and Eegenis are expected to have their own websites to which their content will be transferred (situation at October 2013).


Enquiries about the content of this archive website can be made to genomicsnetwork@ed.ac.uk

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Genetics and Society book series to continue after June 2013

The Genetics and Society book series, originally published by the Genomics Network in association with Routledge, will continue to release new titles after the Network’s end in June 2013.

Please see the appropriate section of the Routledge website for further details.