Bringing Extinct Species Back to Life

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    New Cover Story: "Reviving Extinct Species"

    De-extinction is no longer a fantasy. But is it a good idea? Go in-depth with National Geographic magazine. IMAGES AND INSIGHTS »


Bring Back Extinct Beasts

Species revival could redeem human sins and more, one conservationist says.


No, Leave Them Extinct

Resurrection science is a "fantasy" that harms animals that need help now, counters an ecologist.

New Video: Recipe for Resurrection

News and Commentary

Video: Should We Bring Back Extinct Species?

On Friday, March 15, at our Washington, D.C., headquarters, National Geographic hosted TEDxDeExtinction, a daylong conference on species-revival science and ethics convened by Revive & Restore. The talks are over, but the coverage and conversation continue, in our new cover story on de-extinction, at National Geographic News, on TV—and on Twitter:

More in National Geographic

See exclusive photos and in-depth reporting on de-extinction in April's National Geographic—available as a digital edition now and on print newsstands later this month.

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