The Cardano Foundation’s core mission is to standardise, protect and promote the Cardano Protocol technology.

Areas of focus

  • Cardano Protocol
    • We function as an objective standards body for the Cardano protocol as it evolves over time.
  • Cardano community
    • We support, grow and help educate the Cardano blockchain community.
  • Cardano ecosystem
    • We work to expand and protect the Cardano ecosystem. This includes promoting Cardano as a platform for commercial entities and serving as an objective organization for enterprises interested in joining Cardano.
  • Serving the wider blockchain community
    • We aim to influence and progress the emerging commercial and legislative landscape for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in general. We proactively approach government and regulatory bodies and form strategic partnerships with businesses, enterprises and other open-source projects.


To Study and Propose Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Regulation

To act as a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Standards Body

To Protect, Enhance and Evolve the Cardano Ecosystem

To Aggregate, Educate and Grow the Cardano Community

To Serve as an Objective Organization for Enterprises to Join

Foundation Staff



Michael Parsons has over 25 years’ experience as an executive and consultant in the banking industry, with a strong e...

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Marketing & Community Manager

Tom is an experienced marketing professional, with a background focused on growing technology businesses from the gro...

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Special Advisor

Robert (“Bob”) McDowall is a former Member of the States of Alderney, one of the Channel Islands , where he serves as...

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Steve Wagendorp

Delivery Assurance Manager

Steve joined the Cardano Foundation having recently managed operations for an asset manager in Zurich focusing on fun...

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Juliette Adelfang

Project Administrator

Juliette started her career in the insurance industry doing performance analysis and training development for new per...

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