Hot Appetizers

Edamame 3.00

Garlic Edamame 3.50

Yamaimo Chips 3.00
(Limited 3 / Day)
Japanese Mountain Yam Skin fried with Isobe Style

Magic Mountain 8.25
Salmon and Cream Cheese wrapped by soy paper and deep fried. Splashed with eel sauce

Sukiyaki Hot Pot 7.65
Beef slices Tofu simmered with Sukiyaki soup in a Japanese hot pot.

Ika Karaage 3.50
Deep Fried Squid

Juicy Chicken Karaage 5.50
Deep fred chicken thigh, outside in crispy, juicy inside

Juicy Chicken Karaage 6.35
with house special negi sauce

Beef Cutlet Bite 5.95
NY Steak cut in bite size, breaded and deep fried served with house tonkatsu sauce.

Teppan Beef Misozuke 6.85
NY Steak marinated in house special miso and sake discards for half day, then grilled and served on a teppan plate.

Menchi Katsu 4.65
Deep fried breaded Tsukune ground dork with house tonkatsu sauce.

Hire-katsu 7.50
Deep fried breaded pork filet with house tonkatsu sauce.

Seared Homemade Pork Chashu 4.75

Kurobuta Sausage (4 pcs) 4.50

Ikayaki 6.75

Cheese Chikuwa Tempura 4.65
Mozzarella cheese wrapped with fish cake and deep fried with tempura.

Cold Appetizer

Sashimi Roll 6.50
Assorted seafood avocado, shiso leaf, and micro greens wrapped with rice paper. Yuzu miso on top

Beef Tataki 6.25
Seared beef carpaccio topped with red onion and chive. Splashed with garlic ponzu.

Scallop Carpaccio 9.95
Scallop sashimi topped with masago, cherry tomato, micro cilantro and mixed greens. Splashed with olive oil, white soy, lemon yuzu and yuzu miso.

Sashimi Carpaccio 11.00
Thinly sliced salmon and halibut topped with crispy garlic dust, olive oil and yuzu ponzu.

Jalapeno Yellowtail 9.95
Thinly sliced yellowtail sashimi topped with jalapeno slice, red onion, micro cilantro and micro greens. Splashed with lemon yuzu and ponzu sauce.

Yamakake Hachi Style 7.75
Collaboration of tuna sashimi & mountain yam topped with ikura and micro greens.

Yamaimo Somen 6.75
Mountain yam sliced like thin noodles served with house specials dashi soup.


Seaweed Salad 3.95

Green Salad 3.00

Sashimi Salad 8.50
Assorted sashimi and mixed greens topped with soy citrus dressing.

Beef Tataki Salad 7.98
Seared beef carpaccio and mixed greens topped with garlic onion dressing.

Hachi Style Salad 7.98
Diced chicken and mixed greens on a bed of crispy wrap splashed with combinations of garlic onion & house special dressing.


Assorted Sashimi
3 kinds 16.95
6 kinds 26.00

Salmon Sashimi
5 pcs 9.65

Maguro Sashimi
5 pcs 9.65

Hamachi Sashimi
5 pcs 9.65

Seared Mackerel Sashimi
5 pcs 7.25
Seared Mackerel Sashimi with Red Onion, Micro Greens Splashed with Ponzu Sauce

Halibut Sashimi 9.65


Shoyu Ramen 7.50


Oyako Don 6.95
Chicken & egg in a soup over rice

Assorted Sashimi Bowl 9.98

Soboro Don 5.95
Sweet and savory ground pork on a bed of rice

Yakitori Bowl 6.95
Binchotan charcoal grilled teriyaki chicken on top of rice

Homemade Pork Chashu Bowl 6.35

Soup & Rice

Miso Soup Hachi Style 3.50
Hachi style miso soup

Rice (s) 1.50 (L) 2.50

Yakitori Menu
Bincho-tan Charcoal Grill


Chicken Thigh 1.60
Your choice tare or salt

Umeshiso Yaki 2.50
Chicken thigh with sour plum & Japanese basil

Cheese Yaki 2.50
Chicken thigh with melted cheese

Pizza Yaki 2.50
Chicken thigh grilled like a pizza

Teba 1.50
Chicken taba wing

Chicken Thigh Steak 5.45


Grilled Mackerel 5.25

Cheese Chikuwa 2.50
Mozzarella cheese wrapped with fish cake

Ikayaki 6.75
Grilled squid with teriyaki sauce & spicy mayo

Grilled Shrimp with Tar Tar Sauce 2.50

Salmon Collar 6.25

Yellow Tail Collar 9.50


Pork Belly 1.75
Your choice tare or salt

Pork with Negi Shio Sauce 2.65

Tsukune 2.50
Specialy hand mixed, unlike ordinary Tsukune, ground pork is used for our Tsukune. It;s so juicy. You will see the difference.

Cheese Tsukune 3.50

Tsukune with Oroshi Ponzu 3.50

Ume Shiso Tsukune 3.50
Tsukune with sour plum & Japanese basil

Kurobuta Sausage (4pcs) 4.50

Tomato Bacon 2.50
Cherry tomato wrapped with bacon

Enoki Mushroom Wrapped with Bacon 2.50


Premium Beef Tongue 2.85

Beef Misozuke 2.98


Sweet Corn 2.00

Cherry Tomato 1.50
Cherry tomato with basil

Okura 1.50
Okura with soy sauce & bonito flakes

Shiitake Butter 1.85
Shiitake Mushroom with butter & soy sauce


Matcha Soft Cream 3.00
Corn or bowl

Matcha Panna Cotta 5.00

Honey Toast 7.98