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State government today touches innumerable aspects of citizens’ lives, delivering an array of services from building and operating new highways to social services supported by social impact bonds. Governors are poised to make those operations work in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible. That is why I’ve chosen to focus my 2014-2015 National Governors Association Chair’s Initiative on Delivering Results.

As the stewards of revenues collected by states, as well as those that flow from the federal government to states, governors today oversee operations significantly larger in both scope and scale than their predecessors. This expansion makes it even more important for governors to harness human talent, innovative management and hiring practices, new and emerging technologies and governmental process improvement and appropriate regulation to increase performance and deliver results.

Some of my fellow governors already are taking advantage of the innovations used by businesses, universities and others to address the fundamental issue of how to deliver better results. And there are some truly cutting-edge ways they are doing this, including recruiting the best and the brightest to work in their administrations, employing modern management practices to keep government lean, and last, but not least, using data to drive results and track progress.

By showcasing the aforementioned successes in various states and providing an opportunity to share best practices with each other, I know we can work together over the next year to streamline state government, improving the lives of our people and the nation.