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MORE»2018 China (Shanghai) International Port Construction,Operation Facility and Equipment Expo

Professional Port Equipment Expo

Platform for Business Strength & Business Opportunities

◆ Hundreds of enterprises and Thousands of professional visitors, you don’t want to miss the business opportunities!

◆ The global leading suppliers of port solutions—gather in Shanghai for Ports China 2018!

[Seizing the opportunity and being the strongest leader of port equipments manufactures]

With the acceleration of economic globalization and regionalization in 21st century, ports are faced with a new mission—providing value-added services and extended functions. As hub of international transportation and platform of international trade, port is playing an increasingly important role in resources allocation and integrated logistics. Having great influence on both coastal regions and inland, port has become the center of global production and trade and begins to be the operation base engaged with aforesaid economic activities.

China is a vast country with coastline as long as 18 thousand kilometers. Its excellent nature environment and long shipping development provide favorable conditions for China’s water transportation development. China’s 90% of exported and imported goods is shipped through ports. The 62 cities at prefecture level and above within 200 kilometers of China’s coast form 24% of China’s total population, 42% of GDP, 85% of total import and export volume. The coastal areas are the areas with most active economy, busiest ocean transportation and most economic cities. From the process of development, the relation between the rapid development of coastal areas and ports is inseparable. The reasonable ports layout and efficient port operation is an important guarantee to promote China’s economic growth and develop international economic activities. As the increasing significance of international trade interdependence, China’s dependence on port transportation is more obvious. After intensive construction development, China’s port administration is gradually getting over the bottleneck, becoming an important support for national economy growth and continuing to enter into a new stage for development.

Port equipment and related technologies are essential to the leapfrog development of port industry. For this reason, together with various port machinery associations and research institutes, we are creating Asia’s largest and the most professional port facility expo. The manufactures around the world are welcomed to participate and visit this expo!

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Check-in time: June  13, 2018-15

Time: the exhibition on June 11, 2018  12

The opening time: June 13 ,2018at 9:30

Display exhibition: on June ,13 2018 15

Move-in time: on June 15, 2018 15:30

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