Our service includes a moving truck, equipment, and two or more professional movers.  The hourly rates are the same seven days a week regardless of where your local move begins or ends.  Time begins when the movers arrive and it ends when the last piece of furniture is placed where you’d like it to go.

Local Moving Rates

2 Movers and a Truck:  $99/hr

Additional Movers:  $30/hr

Call: (858) 397-5586


1. How long will my move take?

Move time depends almost entirely on the quantity and type of items, the amount of assembling required, and what the access is like.  Elevators, stairs and long carries add time to a move.  If a home is a tri-level, it will generally take longer to move than a ground-level home with similar square footage.  The quality of the packing and pre-move preparation can make a huge difference.

2. How much will my move cost?

Local moving is charged by the hour.  The final cost depends on the factors mentioned above, plus the time it takes to drive is from point A to B.  Our staff can give an assessment when provided with the move’s details.

3. When should I choose more than 2 men?

For larger homes or moves with difficult access, customers generally save money by choosing more than two movers.  For example, if two men can move 3k lbs an hour, then three men can move 4.5k lbs an hour.  The discounted third man means the cost per man-hour is reduced.  In addition, extra movers create a more efficient relay system if elevators are involved.  With all that said, a two-man crew is still sufficient for the majority of moves.  We will recommend the most cost-effective crew size, but the customer always has final say.