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CYTOTEC – instructions for cautious and safe usage
Cytotec is a drug belonging to prostaglandins. It is an FDA approved medicine for treatment of ulcers induced with prolonged intake of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. However the medicine has gone numerous extensive studies in reproductive female health. The results of studies prove the efficacy of CYTOTEC in treatment of incomplete or missed spontaneous abortions. It is also effective for labor stimulation, abortion induction. The drug has also performed great effect in prevention and treatment of after-birth bleedings. Though the drug is not approved for birth, abortion, labor stimulation, many obstretricians take a decision of application of Cytotec in women for labor, abortion or reducing the risks of after-birth bleedings.
How does Cytotec work for gastric ulcers?
Cytotec is a brand name for Misoprostol. Thus if you find Misoprostol online reviews then mind that Cytotec and Misoprostol are the same drugs with the same effects and health risks. Cytotec performs anti-secretory effect preventing production of high amounts of gastric acid. This prevents and stops damages of mucus. It is prescribed to patients who need to take anti-inflammatory drugs for a prolonged period of time. The drug also reduces the risks of developing ulcers during taking Aspirin. Due to restoration of mucus Cytotec prevents ulcers and minimizes the damages caused with components of anti-inflammatory drugs. Mind, that Cytotec is a prescription pill. You can Cytotec without prescription without prescription online, however we do not recommend you taking the drug without seeing your doctor first as this is not as harmless drug as it may seem from the first sight. Let us review another action of Cytotec.
How does cheap Cytotec work for abortion?
Misoprostol online reviews provide numerous extensive researches of the medicine effect on uterus and labor. Before you buy Cytotec online cheap, you must consider its effects, risks and good which it will produce on your body.
Not every pregnancy is planned and wanted. The safest way to terminate an unwanted pregnancy is a medication induced abortion which must be done during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Before you buy Cytotec, you must know how pregnancy weeks are counted.
Pregnancy is counted not from the moment of conception which takes place within the 12 hours after the ovulation (an egg coming out from a follicle). The pregnancy is counted from the first day of a menstrual cycle. Thus when you just find out that you are pregnant you have already four to five weeks of pregnancy (considering a normal healthy length of menstrual cycle being 26-32 days). If you find out that you are pregnant after two weeks of late of menstrual period then you probably have up to 6-7 weeks of pregnancy depending on the normal average length of menstrual cycle for you. Official Cytotec online sources claim that you can do a medical abortion induced with this drug only up to 12thh week of gestation. To count the period left for abortion you need to count weeks from the first day of your last menstrual cycle. This will exactly show how much time you have to spare to take a decision for abortion. If you are on your 12th week of gestation then you can not buy Cytotec online and take it to induce abortion.
Cytotec works by stimulating muscles of uterus to contract thus imitating labor. No matter what is your gestation period, you will experience natural labor, thus it can be not as painful as planned labor as the fetus is just small. The drug stimulates contractions. That is why Misoprosol can be used to induce labor when it is already time. Some women do not present any labor activity when it is a normal time for bearing a baby. In such cases labor is stimulated with cheap Cytotec.
Do I need prescription to order Cytotec online?
Technically, no. You do not need to provide a prescription from your doctor to buy Misoprostol online. However we do strongly recommend you to visit a doctor as there are contraindications for cheap Cytotec usage. You may have tubular or abdominal (ectopic) pregnancy which will not be terminated with intake of cheap Cytotec. To understand how Cytotec terminates pregnancy you need to understand how it works. We discussed the action of Cytotec in previous paragraph.
Cytotec is effective medication, inducing natural labor process. However potential health risks are very high. The greatest risk of uncontrolled taking of Cytotec is incomplete and abnormal bleeding. This is a medication to be applied only under strict supervision of doctors. You must not take Cytotec on your own.
How to take Cytotec safely?
Cytotec online sources explain the mechanism of action of the medication. It is used to provoke premature labor. Cheap Cytotec will make your uterus contract as during natural bearing a child. To be sure you need Cytotec (Misoprosol), you must:
do a home pregnancy test
experience menstrual delay
prove the fact of pregnancy with blood tests which are passed in clinics and labs
make an ultrasound investigation to locate the fetus and to check whether it is an uterus pregnancy or abnormal pregnancy
be sure in your pregnancy term
Misoprosol online sources warn against using the drug to terminate pregnancy if you are not sure your are pregnant. Menstrual cycle delays can be caused with various factors among which there is hormonal imbalance which in its turn can cause a positive home pregnancy test if a level of human chorionic gonadotrophin is increased (various tumors, malformations and even ovarian cysts can cause the increase of HCG in blood and urine). Other reasons for menstrual cycle to be delayed without pregnancy are physical and psychological stresses, various diseases as flu or fever, climate change (for example, during traveling), other medicine intake, infections, ovaries dysfunction and others. To diagnose exactly what causes a menstrual delay in your case you must visit a doctor. If you buy Misporosol and take it without being pregnant it may provoke abnormal bleeding.
Where to buy cheap Cytotec?
If you need really cheap Cytotec then the only way to get it is to buy online. Various online pharmacies offer you to buy Cytotec (Canada and other countries), provide complete information on side effects, risks and contraindications as well as will warn you on possible life threatening outcomes. There are numerous reputable sellers offering simple Cytotec online order. Please, do not buy Cytotec without prescription. The drug can lead to premature birth of a healthy baby (if taken to terminate pregnancy after 28 weeks) but you will not be able to help yourself and your child.