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Squidfingers 2.0 (free animation rig)

Sterling Reames

Squidfingers 2.0 (free animation rig)

Squid fingers World Zombination animation rig 2.0 free download

We’ve been hard at work on all the new units (eight of them!) coming in the impending 3.4 update of World Zombination, and with that release quickly approaching, we thought the best way to celebrate would be to release the newly updated character rig we used to animate some of those units! We’re not only releasing the models, but also the textures, shaders, and lighting too! You can download everything here.

This marks the first time Proletariat has released character assets exactly how they were created for the game. We didn’t do this previously, not because we didn’t want you all to have the best assets to work with, but because our characters use special shaders that require Maya’s Viewport 2.0 to work, and not many people were able to view these shaders correctly. Since the original release, a couple of new versions of Maya have launched, and we feel it’s finally the right time to release these characters as they were originally intended to be seen.

Of course, if you have not used DirectX 11 Shaders, or Maya’s Viewport 2.0 previously, this new setup requires a little bit of work on your end (not too much though!).

To view the characters correctly in Maya, you just need to follow these four easy steps (also included with the rig download):

  1. Select “Viewport 2.0” from the Renderer tab in the camera viewport menu.
  2. In Preferences, go to Display, scroll to the bottom of the window, and select “DirectX 11” from the Rendering engine dropdown.
  3. Go to Render Settings and choose “Maya Hardware 2.0” from the dropdown list.
  4. Once Maya is restarted, press the 7 key to see the textured character in all its glory!

Now that the Maya setup is all sorted out, let’s talk about the changes to the rig. From the download image, you could probably ascertain that two new characters have been added to the Squidfingers 2.0 rig, Rainmaker and Domina. You can obtain these characters by selecting the main character node (the big circle around the base of the character) and changing the “Character” attribute to the character of your choosing.

The other big change is how the tentacles are selected, which I’ve talked about in length on our stream and blog. With the original version of the rig, all the NURBS based controls would become an intertwined mess quickly after starting animation, but with Squidfingers 2.0, the tentacles are a geometry based selection. This means clicking directly on the tentacle geometry will now select it. No more trying to search for what controls are connected to which tentacle! Another smaller fix to the rig that you might notice is the rotate/twist on the controls of her arms; even if you’ve used the old Squidfingers Rig in the past, I highly recommend switching over to the new one!

That’s it, short and sweet! Happy animating folks. 🙂


Sterling Reames
Senior Animator

  1. This is cool, thanks for sharing Sterling! I haven’t used Maya before, I will need to check it out. Do you expect other characters to be released as well? This is a cool way for us to play around with the existing characters and maybe do something fun for future forum contests. 🙂

  2. I am so glad this is a thing! I love the walk cycle I did with the v1 rig for one of my class projects and I am so happy to be able to put it in my demo reel, after referencing to this updated rig of course!

    But, no matter what I do I can’t seem to get the textures to show. She just shows up bright green. It’s terribly disheartening. Perhaps someone has some advice?

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