2009 Prairie Unitarian Universalist Programs Survey
SECTION I: Tell us About Yourself
1. How many years have you been a member of Prairie? ______
2. Which of the following viewpoints comes closest to your own?
(please, no more than three)
( ) Theism: I believe in God, with whom I feel a personal relationship.
( ) Deism: I believe there is a god, with whom we cannot have a personal relationship.
( ) Atheism: I do not believe in gods of any kind.
( ) Naturalistic Theism: The powers attributed to a deity are inherent in the natural world.
( ) Agnosticism: I do not know whether God exists or not.
( ) UU Christian: I am part of the Christian tradition; I best understand God and the human condition through the stories of Jesus of Nazareth.
( ) Humanism: I believe that humans are responsible for “goodness” and “meaning” and that we must rely on one another for support.
( ) Mysticism: I find support and value in the fullness and the connectedness of all things, with or without god.
( ) Neo-Paganism: I am inspired by the interconnection of life, natural and divine, and find inspiration by participating in the traditions of indigenous peoples.
( ) Earth-Centered Spirituality: I celebrate the sacred circle of life, which instructs us to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature.
( ) Pantheism: I equate God with the forces and laws of the universe.
( ) Other: (please describe)

Horizontal axis gives number of responses.
The number of persons responding was 41.