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[Guide] Alan Wake's American Nightmare

Free Camera
Requires a controller!

1. Open your steam library
2. Right click on Alan Wake's American Nightmare and click "properties"
3. In "general" -> click "set launch options"
4. In the box, type "-freecamera"

(You can also do this via a shortcut on your desktop.)

Controlling the camera
During gameplay, press the right stick down to enable the free camera

Cheat Engine Table
Download Table (for latest version on steam)


Numpad 1 = Pause
Numpad 2 = Resume

- Slow motion Numpad 3 - 6

[FOV control]
F3 to toggle

Numpad + \ - to increase\decrease
Numpad * = max slider
Numpad / = min slider

Custom Resolutions
Follow the steps above to get to your launch options. Add the following (customized to your liking):
"-window -w3840 -h2160"

If you change your desktop resolution to largest custom resolution you have defined you will be able to change to this, and possibly some others, using the in-game graphics menu.

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