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Ribbon and Bow Accessory How-tos

This project uses a tuxedo bow.

Photography: Anna Williams

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2004


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  • Scissors

  • 4-inch-wide ribbon card envelopes

  • 9-mm-wide ribbon fabric glue

  • 20-gauge wire self-adhesive hook, for hanging


  1. The petal bow is similar to the medallion bow. For the petal bow, make 2 1/4-inch accordion folds in ribbon (ours is 5/8 inch wide and 45 inches long); end with the raw edges facing down. Pass needle and thread through bottom, about 1/4 inch from edge. Hold together, and pull taut; knot. Spread petals; tie silver twine around thread to hang.

  2. This is made with 15-inch-long, 3/8-inch-wide satin ribbon. Make three figure-eight bows, but start with the cut edge at back of bow instead of at front, and make two layers instead of three. Cross and glue two of the bows. Glue a loop of silver twine at the front center. Glue a third bow across the middle concealing twine.

  3. Make tail: Cut a 40-inch (or longer) length of wide ribbon. To make an even notch in the bottom, fold ribbon in half lengthwise and cut on an angle from outer edge to fold; unfold. Since you’ll likely be making this before holiday cards arrive, lay out five or six card envelopes along front of ribbon, some horizontally and others vertically, keeping 1/2 inch between them. Lay a narrow ribbon down each side (about 1/2 inch in from edge); trim ends to match angle of notch. With envelopes as your guide, glue narrow ribbons to the wide ribbon between envelopes. Slide envelopes out.

  4. With a 25-inch-long wide ribbon, make a 12-inch tuxedo bow; wrap center tightly to cinch bow. At back, knot narrow ribbon around center band, then rotate narrow ribbon so its knot is concealed inside. This will be the loop from which bow will hang.

  5. Cinch top of tail: Twist a piece of wire into a loop. Fold top corners under about 1 inch (top edges should be flush); at the same time, press the top center in with your thumbs, forming shape shown. Secure ribbon with dabs of glue, and glue wire to center. Using a removable self-adhesive hook, hang tail first, and then bow.

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